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What do you expect the Gamerankings average critic score to be for this game? (Archived)
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So based on the the battle scenes seem 'Advent Children'... (Archived)
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As much as I love this series (Archived)
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Sorry but... what exactly is this game? (Archived)Playstation_00751/22/2011
If you want FFvsXIII, then don't buy FFXIII-2 (Archived)
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Hoping for a buch of secret bosses, dungeons and weapons. Maybe KH reference. (Archived)
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I just recently watched the new trailer for this (Archived)
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So the assault near the the throne room from the first trailer... (Archived)Cageblade101/22/2011
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If Versus characters could only act as previous FF characters... (Archived)ZanarkandZ21/22/2011
I rather they port Aya Brea over from 3rd birthday to replace Stella (Archived)Cobra101091/22/2011
So which do you guys prefer? Old or new Noctis? (Archived)
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oh hey, etro has some new stuff on wiki (Archived)
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Who's more hawt? Old Stella or New Stella (Archived)
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who the hell is stella? (Archived)
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