dear god... Lightning's new costume design compared to Dragoon Lady from v13~

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They should have just gave Lightning a separate series. Call it the legend of lightning or something. She's eclipsing Final Fantasy. It's all about her now. She's not interesting enough to warrant this much attention. In fact I dont think any character is. Just fyi I hated the FFVII whoring thing too. I liked FF because each story would have an all new cast, story, and world. This XIII thing is becoming a nightmare. I used to get excited about FF games. Now I dont even care. I haven't been following the new Lightning game at all. I cant bring myself to care about it. Just moar lightning. Another problem is XIII didn't have any funny or quirky characters. Everyone is either serious business, angsty, or cornballs. I want another Zidane-like main character. :p

I partially disagree because I loved Sazh, Fang and Vanille (minus the moaning and the sometimes annoyingly high pitches in her voice), but I agree. I actually really liked Lightning in XIII; XIII-2 destroyed her character and I'm sure LR will be even worse in this regard.
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ya know, i hate to admit it, but i wouldn't mind if lightning made it into v13. her actual self or some kind of reincarnate. i still haven't forgotten that a lot of us, including myself, believed that 13 and v13 tied more than just the mythos together. who's to say after all these years, se hasn't changed their mind? not likely, i know, but i'm not ruling anything out yet.

all i want is lightning and noctis in the same game, same scene and some interaction. whether it be v13 or kh3.

I doubt this will be likely in the next games BUT is it possible that in the next dissidia we'll see them both face-to-face lock in a battle of epic proportation...

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I've said this before. The ideas Nomura had for Versus were being "absorbed" by FFXIII.

Nomura said Versus was going to have a casino, and Serendipity appeared in FFXIII-2.
Nomura wanted to do a day-night cycle that regultaed what monster appeared and their strength, FFXIII LR also has a cycle that does the exact same thing.
Versus XIII was about Etro, and FFXIII-2 out of nowhere started focusing on Etro.

I don't think this stuff will be cut out of Versus just because Toriyama used the ideas though, but it's a low blow. Nomura has a new idea for his game, it's stolen by Toriyama and then Toriyama has the credit because his games are the priority.

Some ideas were adsorbed by FFXIII.
-You can't blame them for taking a casino idea.
-well I recalled that night-day cycle change the monster... But FFXII also done this but with weather. It's not an entirely new concept made by Versus only.
-Etro was part of the entire XIII mythos so really it isn't really a steal.
By the same logic you could say that casino was taken from another game.

While some part of the game may be stolen be glad that it not a total steal and also if they manage to "steal" then that mean the Versus is making progress.
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How do you guys not get it?

Versus was scrapped forever ago and now the remnants are being used in LR. One of the songs was also put into that rhythm game cuz really, what else were they going to do with the music from the now dead Versus?


They had to scrap Versus and start from scratch. The resulting excrement was recycled as Lightning Craps: Final Fart XIII. That is the TRUTH.

*cue shocking music*
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Ehhh, it's alright
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lol, somebody removed the lightning's return threads here.
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PillsberyDoeMan posted...

Pains' idea.
Oh delightful! The KH boards have gone to complete s*** and I was looking for a new place to chill.
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ExtremeLight posted...
RedwingedMinx posted...
. Another problem is XIII didn't have any funny or quirky characters. Everyone is either serious business, angsty, or cornballs. I want another Zidane-like main character. :p

You must really hate the Sazh...

Sazh (Richard Pryor) was semi quirky for all the wrong reasons (typical Japanese "lol look at the ugly Black guy" stereotype nonsense)

But thankfully he remained pretty serious at other times when it came to talking about his son (Gary Coleman) to offset it...
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Well it could be her,she is blonde in her artwork and she's Etro's champion so she could make an appearence.
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Stella IS the Dragoon Lady if you hadn't noticed yet.
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shinra35800 posted...
Stella IS the Dragoon Lady if you hadn't noticed yet.

No,already been confirmed that she isn't her.