Final Fantasy XIV PC a "very serious possibility" according to Tetsuya Nomura.

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I don't see a problem with having a PC version. For one, those with high-end PC's and the $1500+ to spend on them can play them with resolutions far superior to what the XBOne and PS4 will turn out in 2 years (which I am assuming will be the release of FFXV... late 2014 for Japan and early 2015 for everywhere else). That, and the more copies that Square Enix sells, the fatter their pockets and the better chance of them releasing more games (including smaller projects, hopefully, like a third Chrono game).
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I would love PC versions of FFXV and MGSV and if someone could figure out how to easily mod them, it would be like a dream come true.
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What's the point of different consoles if there were no exclusive games?

What's the point of consoles existing in the first place if the only point to them is carrying exclusive games?

So, the point of consoles is to keep games on weird hardware?
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I am gonna assume XIV in the title is a typo, as it's already coming to PC.

And VII, VIII were also on PC, XI is PS2/360/PC, XIII is 360/PS3, XIV is PS3/PS4/PC, so I wouldn't be surprised if XV isn't on PC.

The original FINAL FANTASY was also on Famicom and MSX!
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Free FFXV?

I live in a world where DRAKENGARD is getting a third main game before Valkyrie Profile
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XIV is already on PC.

If they do this I hope they won't make it exclusive to their own store like they did with FFVII.

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ITT: We ignore the fact that Nomura only said they'd consider it (and not even explicitly), and it was siliconera who claimed that it's a "very serious possibility."

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That would be pretty cool to see. Wouldn't affect me that much though since my laptop wouldn't be able to run it.
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When the console wars begin dying (already begun actually) due to the lack of exclusives, even first party exclusives will lose purpose. Besides Nintendo's business model, which should remain intact, and it's a good thing they got a head start. But otherwise it's almost like Microsoft spending tons of money on having 343 Industries develop Halo, they'd have a better return releasing it for multiplatform. When exclusives are few and far between, a handful of games don't sell a console anymore. Where someone might buy a 360 for Halo 3 and Gears of War or what have you, all of a sudden they're not interested enough to get a One for Halo 5.

So all that money spent on development is lost, since killer apps are no more. It's very interesting time for the industry: the end of console wars? Unless they move to Nintedo's infamous business model, which only works thanks to many smaller first party releases, first party exclusives aren't enough.
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