Scenario: Stella kills one/all of Noct's friends

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3 years ago#1
Even though she was forced into having to because of circumstances.
How do you think Noctis would react?
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3 years ago#2
That would be interesting, and brings a great conflict to Noctis. I think Noct would avenge for his friends.
3 years ago#3
If Noctis didn't go for revenge for his bros, his close ties with them would be meaningless. At least, he would try to, but in the end he couldn't kill his love interest.
3 years ago#4
I've got a better idea. It's discovered that Noctis is actually a traitor, and Stella knocks him off and subsequently becomes the new main character.
3 years ago#5
Typical, noctis will kill the reason that makes stella kill.
Radical, noctis will gone mad and kill stella, then he realized that stella did the kill for a reason, she die with a smile. Noctis got a facepalm, and soon, he become an emo-guy that needs something to release his anger and sadness
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3 years ago#6
Stella will kill Prompto cause Prompto prolly killed one of her friends.

Noctis and Stella go on a bloody duel .. kill each other... both will be saved by a third party.. and they will reflect on themselves and try to solve their problems..

3 years ago#7
Noctis waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the dungeon. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Stella were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.

Noctis was in a boyband group for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the videos of N'Sync, Backstreet Boys and SMAP, and he said to dad “I want to be on TV daddy.”
Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS”. There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the dungeon, he knew there were demons.

“This is Stella” the radio crackered. “You must fight the demons!”

So Noctis gotted his 8' sword and blew up the wall.

“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the demons

“I will shoot at him” said the cyberdemon and he fired Firagas. Noctis plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.

“No! I must kill the demons” he shouted

The radio said “No, Noctis. You are the demons”

And then Noctis was a Malboro.
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3 years ago#8
mang70 posted...
If Noctis didn't go for revenge for his bros, his close ties with them would be meaningless.

I agree.
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3 years ago#9
Suddenly, you find out that the whole time, Noctis's "friends" were a ploy from the start; they were set up to be his friend and earn his trust, while they mold him and prep him for his death for their master. Stella was only trying to help Noctis, but Noctis only finds out after he kills her.
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3 years ago#10
He goes super saiyan.
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