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User Info: HRsksky

3 years ago#1

The latin chanting is a bit off but the first half is almost perfect
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User Info: theofficefan99

3 years ago#2
That was really bad... Good effort, but really bad...
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User Info: Rasukou

3 years ago#3
You just can't beat a live orchestra. Nice try, though.

P.S. Trying to pick out the chords and instruments myself, and I have to say, the loud voices make this task extremely difficult, so kudos to him or her who tries to recreate the entire piece!

User Info: CranberryTaco

3 years ago#4
It is alright. I liked how a few notes were longer.
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User Info: Rasukou

3 years ago#5
I tried my hand at the recreation project; it's a lot more fun (and a whole lot more difficult) than I had anticipated, though I also feel quite disappointed that Sibelius's instruments turned out to be of less-than-stellar quality.

Recreating the entire piece must cause lots of stress . . .
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