Best of the Series - Day 6: Original Soundtrack *possible spoilers*

#1ThamauturgePosted 7/4/2013 6:41:15 AM
Day 1: Standard Battle Theme: Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded By Light
Day 2: Antagonist: Final Fantasy IX - Kuja
Day 3: Victory Fanfare: Final Fantasy XII
Day 4: Logo Design: Final Fantasy X
Day 5: English Voice Acting: Final Fantasy XII - Balthier Bunansa
Day 6: Plot: Final Fantasy X

For those curious about the last one, it was a close one! FFX edged out FFT by 3 votes. Disappointing, lol.


This should be an interesting one; when it comes to the original soundtrack, its hard to choose because many of them are amazing. My three contendors for it:

Final Fantasy Tactics - Antipyretic, Trisection, Run Past Through The Plain, Under the Stars, Hero's Theme, etc. This was a game that made me realize that video game music could be something more than that.

Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel, Anxious Heart, Trail of Blood, JENOVA, Birth of a God, Those Who Fight, Fight On! It's definitely Nobuo's best OST IMO and considering how great he is that is really saying something. Sephiroth and OWA's inclusion in the first KH was what inspired me to play this series, so it will always be a memorable one to me.

Final Fantasy XII - My most listened to of any of the main series tracks. As you can tell by my nomination of Tactics, I love Sakimoto's style. Some of the most beautiful tracks from the series came from this game in my opinion. The Cerobi Steppe, Destiny, Phon Coast, Barheim Passage, Battle For Freedom, Theme of the Empire, Opening Movie, Boss Battle, Fight to the Death, Seeking Power, etc. And to top it off, Sakimoto actually cared about including FF staples, so Victory Fanfare, Chocobo, Prelude, FF Main Theme, and Clash on the Big Bridge all appeared.

Really hard to decide between them.
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I'll go with VI on this one, closely followed by X.
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XIII-2 for favorite battle themes.
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Final Fantasy VIII.

I must have answered this question quite a few times already lol
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How was the plot thread able to get 178 posts and yet this one can't get 10?

Did people make that many alts to vote for FFX?
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FF7 if I want to pick.
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FF8 is the one I listen to the most, including its orchestra and piano collection. FF6 is a close second.
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XIII-2, Type-0, and X

very bad choices there.
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FFVII. I prefer creepy ambience and touching character themes to anything else. FFVII did creepy like no other and every character's theme just suited them down to the ground. I'll never forget that world map theme. Never. FFVIII is a close second.
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#10antipousPosted 7/4/2013 9:49:25 AM
X won? Haha.

I think VII and Tactics tie for OST. I think Tactics might be a little better, but VII was more memorable and atmospheric.