Best of the Series - Day 11: Character Design *possible spoilers*

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Day 1: Standard Battle Theme: Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded By Light
Day 2: Antagonist: Final Fantasy IX - Kuja
Day 3: Victory Fanfare: Final Fantasy XII
Day 4: Logo Design: Final Fantasy X
Day 5: English Voice Acting: Final Fantasy XII - Balthier Bunansa
Day 6: Plot: Final Fantasy X
Day 7: Original Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VIII
Day 8: World: Ivalice: Final Fantasy XII, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Tactics Advance 2, Vagrant Story
Day 9: Spin-Off: Final Fantasy Tactics
Day 10: Main Protagonist: Final Fantasy IX - Zidane


Please be descriptive in your answers guys. The last thread wasn't very interesting because people literally said nothing except the character's name.


This is a hard one. Quite a few characters have amazing designs. Stuck between Judge Gabranth and Noctis.
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This is really tough. But I gotta go with the Black Mage/Vivi. Just a cool design really. Second would be Terra, love her trance form as well.
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If you mean game overall it has to be VII. They had the best-looking characters, and it was an old game.
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EDIT: You mean one character.

I'll go with Ashe. I just love everything about her design.
It's the perfect balance between sexy and elegant for me.

Cloud for the males, I guess. It's iconic.
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i'd say kuja.
i really like his apperance. fits him very well.
sure he wears that extreme unconfortable looking thong... but i couldnt really imagine him with pants

do people like him btw?I loved him in dissidia and just met him in FF9 ^^

but if TC means overall ... I'd say 9.
than 7
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I forgot, I also want to give HM to Sephiroth. His design is one of the reasons I started playing this series (that boss fight and OWA in the first KH just blew me away)
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Perfect blend of Nomura and Amano and the best designed female villain (unfortunately there isn't many to choose from). All the FFVIII designs are great, there's lots of color yet the designs manage to come across semi-realistic which suits the setting.
#9ManaYukaPosted 7/17/2013 10:33:29 AM
One character?

I guess....Sephiroth definitely serves the badass look purpose no doubt, Cloud looks really unique...but I guess I always liked Locke's look since it was normal yet had some flair, and Balthier is more of a modern Locke in design(without the amano flair) so

Batlthier...I dont even like that character but he does look the best I'd say
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Tough choice between Lulu and Yuna(FFX) for me.

I guess Yuna gets my vote because her outfit just flows well and her hair is nice. Her heterochromia or whatever it is called is a nice touch too.