do you guys and girls like Kuja?

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User Info: MetalGearDogma

3 years ago#1
i loved him in both dissidia games and just met him in FF9.

i can imagine many dont like him because of his attitude and appearance so ... i'm just curious.

and if possible no spoilers please. because like I said, i just met him in FF9 ^^
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User Info: heartlesshero17

3 years ago#2
Favorite main villain in the series. laughable design though
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User Info: kupo1705

3 years ago#3
He's pretty lame.
Nice outfit though.

User Info: LiquidGearSolid

3 years ago#4
IMO he's one of the best villains in the series. He's genuinely creepy/intimidating without trying too hard to be. And just as with Kefka, Kuja's costume alone says, "This guy's not right in the head. And that's by FF standards!"
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User Info: EscaSyra

3 years ago#5
Kuja turned me gay.

Lightning turned me straight again.
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User Info: jelash

3 years ago#6
In my language, Kuja means b!tch... and that's exactly what I think of him.

Quite possibly the worst FF villain.
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User Info: Moe_Lester_13

3 years ago#7
One of the best villians in my opinion. A pure narcissist, just like me :P
Also, badass playstyle in Dissidia aswell. There is a reason he is top tier
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User Info: grand_kaizer

3 years ago#8
Pretty good as a villain, pretty terrible as a fashion model.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

3 years ago#9
heartlesshero17 posted...
Favorite main villain in the series. laughable design though

Exactly what I was gonna say.
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User Info: BlizzNstorm

3 years ago#10
Kuja looks light in thee asz. Super gaay. Noctis squall > all
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