POLL: Strongest FF villain?

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Hmmm. Perhaps you are correct. Afterall, I do remember seeing the "Red Moon" of Terra in the ending, so perhaps he just ravaged the surface like Kefka did. Since Terra was at -10 Hitpoints to begin with, it wouldn't take much to finish it off and we never DID see an Earth Shattering Kaboom like Alderaan. So it's not 100% certain that Terra is COMPLETELY destroyed.

As for the Trance Power Level, eh, its hard to say. I'll say it SHOULD be capable of destroying a city in one blast, but that's about the same as Kefka's and he still doesn't seem resistant to damage that well. He blew himself up at the ending with his own Ultima afterall, so he doesn't have Superhuman Immunity either.

Honestly, I think it should still be reasonably impressive, but that might be DBZ bias at work. He did also create Memoria, but again, that might be the souls of Gaia he stole to do so, so again he does not have that power innately but rather the Iifa Tree.
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The only weakpoint Exdeath has with THE VOID is that it's easily canceled with the right technique.

It can "consume" anything, but it also spit it right back out right as day, ALA the ending of FFV where his spectacular VOID fails him against Deus Ex Galuf and Deus Ex Crystals.

If done "canceled" properly, it has actually absolutely no lasting impact. Well it IS a Status Effect Ultimate in a game series where Status Effects are lame. Ultimecia has a similar problem.

You tell'em!

Kefka, Seph or Kuja pale in comparisson to the power of ExDeath and the void, it's so powerful that the only thing that can beat it is something even cheaper like a DEM!

In theory. Assuming "THE VOID" has anything to do with the Primordial Nothingness of Space then it is at least equal to 100% Time Compression, since THE VOID would still exist without Time to govern it.

It would probably be practically be stronger, since TIME KOMPRESSION requires Ultimecia and Ellone JM to work, while THE VOID always existed and therefore can never be destroyed since its timeless.

But again, that's in theory.
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If you don't get the above post, just assume I'm being sarcastic.