POLL: What's your most favorite PS1 FF and why?

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Holystar posted...
Not sure why, but unlike about everybody else, I enjoyed FFVIII the most out of those four... and overpowering my charas thanks to the junction system was even more fun!

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i like 7 and 9 but i picked 9 because i like the characters more
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In my order of preference-with Spoilers!!!!! Oh and Firemage it's all just opinion :P
FFT-Great story-very in depth and political. And sad at points. Love the battle system, customization, sidequests. Also was cool how you could do the sidequest for Cloud. Just a fantastic game.

FF7-Good story. Good characters-I didn't have one I didn't like. One of the most shocking moments in all my gaming experiences was having Seph kill Aerith. That was just heartwrenching at the time. Loved the materia system. Gold saucer was a blast. Summons were great. Loved the Weapons sidequests as they were relatively hard-and awesome looking.

FF9-Took me a second playthrough, years later to appreciate this game. Good game. Nice customization. I thought the story was decent. Pretty good characters. Lots of exploration and sidequests. Love the fan service to the previous FF games.

FF8-Good story. The love story was off putting to some, but I liked it quite a bit. I loved the draw system, thought it was quite innovative. Good characters for the most part, altho some were annoying. Decent sidequests.
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Valcrist_Mk2 posted...
I dunno, I liek them all equally and they are all special to me in a way. Even VIII.

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1. FFT - It was actually FUN, strategic, and I had the drive to finish it
2. FFVII - Good cast with a bad protagonist, I actually finished this game with multiple ons and offs
99999. FFIX - Painfully slow, boring, possibly the worst FF in the series

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