Final Fantasy 12 is my all time favourite game in the series.

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i don't get why so many of the fans hate it so much, upon its release it sold in its first week just as much as 10 it was given almost perfect scores by all the major review sites and mags

it gave a major freshness to the Final Fantasy series, the gambit and license systems were great fun to mess around with and how fun was it to micro manage you team mates so they could do specific things in certain situations

i admit the the story dropped slightly at the end but you could say the same for most of the Series

all the characters were well defined (except for Basch, he was why it dropped at the end)

and to this day the Judges were some of the most memorable and incredible characters to feature in a game.

there i have said my piece, feel free tear me down now
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The game simply bores me. I don't get the praise for the huge areas, when they are simply tedious to go through. And in the entire cast, I can't find a single character I like.

Now i we take IZJS into consideration, where the devs realized that the original was too slow and added a fast forward button, the game goes up quite a few notches.
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All the characters were clearly defined except Basch? Yeah, it's truly a shame that he wasn't as developed and integral to the overarching plot of reclaiming a fallen Kingdom as the magnificent Vaan and Penelo. Are you sure we played the same game?
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Litane posted...
All the characters were clearly defined except Basch? Yeah, it's truly a shame that he wasn't as developed and integral to the overarching plot of reclaiming a fallen Kingdom as the magnificent Vaan and Penelo. Are you sure we played the same game?

no you got me wrong he was great until the very end when he seemed to drop out of focus a bit, the conversation he had with his brother at the end was the first major thing he did in the last quter of the game
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Personally I wouldn't care that much if I were you, you enjoyed the game/experience and you were happy with it, that alone should be enough for you.

But if you must know I guess I'll try to address your points.

1. Yes the battle system/ license systems was a interesting change, at first. The license system I found to be too board and really didn't help the characters to differentiate from one or another. Pretty much everyone can do/wear everything,and that just makes the characters clones of each other in different skins.

I know they improved on in the international version but that obviously doesn't do anything for me. As for the gambits I actually had more fun when i turned most of them off/used them less, otherwise it felt like the AI was fighting for me and that wasn't fun. There's other issues like the limit break system being one of the worst in FF history, but I don't want this to go too long.

2. I actually liked the later parts of the story over the beginning, the whole frame Basch thing was dumb and it was initially focused on Vaan whom isn't a very interesting character. Plus later it focused more on Blathier. Overall it got the job done I guess

3. Vaan/Penelo/Fran I can't call well-defined, sad truth is they weren't important at all to the story and were pretty much just along for the ride. Thankfully Bathier was awesome, Ashe was ok and Basch kinda lacked screen time really. So yeah, not so great in the character department.

4. Judges were cool, I didn't find them that memorable but glad that you liked them.

Let me just say I don't want to change your mind/opinion or anything like that, if you liked the game, great for you. Sadly enough I didn't and if you really want to know why, well the above is part of the reason. And I'm off to bed so if you're going to respond to this, sorry for a very late answer.
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I find the game boring, tedious and uninteresting.
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Tactics for me , FFXII 2nd place.
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I really tried to put FF12 up there.

I really did
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FFXII was refreshing, yes, and it got quite a bit of positive feedback for that, but you have to keep in mind a couple of things.

First of all, FFXII's metacritic score isnt any better than FFX's. More importantly though, FF was under quite a bit of fire in the west at this point in time for recurring trends such as linearity and JRPG tropes, so when FFXII went in a completely different direction, it received praise based on that fact alone.

Having said that, FFXII ultimately did not create a new fanbase. More than anything, it created a very sharp divide. Things might have turned out differently if FFXII had been a better game, but instead, a large portion of the fanbase was left assuming that FFXII's shortcomings happened specifically because of the fact that it deviated from earlier games.

FFXII did a number of things that were less than perfect.

1) Gambits. Automating the entire battle system, regardless of whether or not you personally liked it, was an incredibly massive, and also rather stupid step to take in terms of moving FF battle systems in a new direction. The battle system, love it or hate it, was wildly controversial, and only successful in its separation from previous installments. It didnt set an example of what modern JRPG battle systems should be, or battle systems for any genre, for that matter. It was new, yes, and it was faster paced, but that doesnt mean it was good for the series.

2) Randomized treasure chests. FFXII took one of the most enjoyable aspects of JRPG gameplay (finding treasure), and turned it into a trivial, frustrating waste of time. Most treasure chests contained absolutely nothing of value, and the ones that did have anything useful required a guide for the player to even know they were there. As if that wasnt bad enough, the chests with good loot often had a 20% or less change of providing good loot, and on top of that, werent even guaranteed to spawn in the first place. This is just an example of another bad taste left in the mouth of fans that were disappointed with the game

3) Hundreds of repetitive sidequests. Yet another more "western" addition to FFXII, hunts were (once again, regardless of whether or not you enjoyed them), poorly implemented. The Final Fantasy series made a name for itself with story driven games, with the main focus for gameplay being the plot, and sidequests being an afterthought. However, in FFXII, hunts comprise of the vast majority of the gameplay content. This doesnt have to be a bad thing in and of itself, but FFXII hunts, aside from being vast in number and miniscule in variety, also had nothing whatsoever to do with the story. Not only were they totally unrelated to the main storyline, but they also created massive friction between the gameplay and the plot because the characters wouldnt have had any business doing any of the hunts under any circumstances to begin with. There is no part of the story at which point it would have made sense for the characters to take a break and slay a wolf for one of the locals. A rule of thumb: if you're introducing a new element of gameplay to a story based series, one thing you DONT want it to do is create a ton of ludo-narrative dissonance.

4) Characters. The sad fact of the matter here is that Vaan and Penelo had no business being in the game. It doesnt matter whether Vaan was intended to be the player's perspective, he was still poorly implemented. He started out with some character development that turned out to be a dropped plot thread, and then he just never left. Penelo was even worse, but I dont need to explain that. When you've got a cast of 6 characters, which is as small a cast as there has ever been in FF, it's really not okay for 2 of the main characters to just not have any business being there.

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5) Pacing. It isnt long before cutscenes only occur once per every few hours of gameplay, and most of them are just 2 minute interludes between destinations while you travel on foot. This is, once again, not something you want to introduce into a story based game series that hasnt typically had this problem.

6) Passive involvement in the plot. The number of things that the main characters actually do to influence the plot can probably be counted on 1 hand. After the story gets going, the party spends the rest of the tailing the happenings of the plot without influencing it in any way. The first major thing that the party does is destroy the Suncryst, and that happens during the second to last dungeon of the game. The pedestrian term for this phenomenon is "boring." It would be one thing if there were some intense character development going on along the way, but there simply wasnt.

7) Political intrigue. This one is simple. If you're going to present the story under the pretense that there is political intrigue, you should ACTUALLY HAVE IT. The fact of the matter when it comes to FFXII's story is that it presents itself as though there are political intricacies being communicated by many of the scenes, and in reality very little is happening on that end. Vayne kills his father to assume leadership. He wants history to be in control of humankind, and on the way to accomplishing his goal he does lots of bad stuff. On a somewhat different note, given that premise you might think that Vayne is an interesting character in the same vein as Delita, who does morally questionable things to reach an end that he feels justifies the means, but no. That's not what is going on. Vayne is just a dick. He's an ass, and so he acts like one on his way to accomplishing his goal. He shows no genuine remorse along the way or internal conflict over what he's doing. In short, he is a totally generic, 2 dimensional villain.

I'll stop there because I've covered quite a few points. In short, FFXII was praised for refreshing changes, but the changes didnt end up doing any favors for the series. It divided fans instead of giving them common ground to rally around.
Gamefaqs has taught us that academic fields like literature don't exist because of teenagers that say "well that's just your opinion and I disagree."