Final Fanytasy themed wedding.

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Lol why was Altair there?
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Gogandantess_XV posted...
Oh god, this seems like such a nice idea on paper, but execution is so corny cheesy cringeworthy.


Its their wedding, you ass.
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Elice_Carol posted...
ChipNoir posted...
Can I offer you a flame shield for your obnoxious comment?

Although it's a nice event, I had the same reaction to the video. Honestly, I can't gush over these things.

It makes me gush because it looks like a really honest wedding. Both of them are making their lifetime vows using the things that drew them together. Not only that, but their family and friends are getting into the spirit of it. This isn't a bridezilla or momzilla demanding a picture perfect by-the-numbers wedding to impressive the in-laws and meet the status quo. Its something that they made entirely their own. Thats not cringe-worthy, that's admirable honesty..
If logic were an STD, we'd have solved quite a few problems.
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I understand, but I'm still not going to gush. It's just something I can't do, not even IRL. Instead, whenever I see lovely occasions such as these, this unfathomable sense of embarrassment washes over me and makes me feel pretty damn uncomfortable, as if it won't let me partake in their happiness.
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