Any chances of FFXV exceeding FFVII?

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For some FFVII was their introduction into JRPGs. The glory days of the JRPGs are gone and nothing will top it (my fave was IX though).
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Anything's possible, but that's pretty damn unlikely.
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Some parts will probably be better, but legacy wise and overall popularity? Fat chance.
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Sacred_Arfaid posted...
bksonic123 posted...
XII was boring and it exceeded VII. It won't be that hard.

The only part you got right.

LOL! And that's were fans go so wrong about game quality and enjoyment.
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i said 50/50.

VII started the PS1 era.
XV is starting the PS4 era.

VII was groundbreaking in terms of graphics. Being the first 3D in its time is pretty amazing.
XV is pretty incredible in the graphics department. These characters and settings look the most realistic out of any game i've seen.

VII has some of the most popular and iconic characters in the series. Villain is probably the most known FF villain.
XV, we don't know much about them yet. Lots of people fangirling over them already, but their fangirling may end soon when we find out what Noctis and Co are actually like. Villain isnt known yet, so thats another iffy thing.

VII gameplay is kind of clunky (imo). Wasn't really a major step for Square in that department.
XV gameplay is a whole new change. Based on what we know, it seems like it could be revolutionary; not for the ARPG genre, but at least for SE.

VII story, you will receive mixed opinions on. For me, I feel like it boils down to "just chase the bad guy while being thrown into random subplots that arent fulfilling." Still has some interesting aspects, but it isnt my favorite.
XV, idk.

There's potential for it. They just need to do it right.

For me, XV will probably out do VII, because I don't hold VII in high regard.
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one thing with 7 is that a lot of people didnt really expect it. i played ff6 (ff3 on snes) a lot of time and then, one day, BANG FF7 on ps1 in the store.

i didnt even know that ff3 was ff6 (i just had nintendo power for any information concerning gaming).

with ff15, there's hype, screenshots, videos, anticipation, etc. etc.

no way it can top what ff7 was.
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VII helped launch the processing power and potential of the Playstation brand.

VII spearheaded the transition to 3D gaming with an amazing display of groundbreaking graphics and CGI.

VII enjoyed the genre bump of following what was also considered a revolutionary title (FFVI).


XV isn't especially launching anything (particularly exclusively).

XV is offering an excellent visual presentation but not anything far more than gamers have come to expect with current technology.

XV will suffer the bounce of following an abomination that appeared in trilogy form.

Sales will likely be solid but XV has a lot of extra ground to cover if it wants to meet VII's success.
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They said that there will never be a VII remake unless another FF surpasses it.
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If it has random encounters turn based battles, N Uematsu, good story, good characters menu based ATB & customisation game play then it has half a chance.

LOL who am I kidding? It will be more of the same garbage like that abomination 13.
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The nostalgia of the FF fan base will not allow it
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#50Orichalon94Posted 4/21/2014 9:50:13 PM
It's not nostalgia. We just want a NEW FF game in the style of the good FF games like 4 - 10. 12 was ok, 13 wad garbage. Three garbage games and an MMO as their last four. 2001 since they last made a masterpiece FF, suggests to me that FF is dead. 13 murdered the series: 12 was passable.