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My reaction if Versus is show at the Sony event.ZeroGravity34762/20/2013
Versus almost confirmed to be at the PlayStation event!
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You know what I wanna see tomorrow during Sony's Playstation MeetingBIG_C_4_LIFE32/19/2013
Why Is Square Enix Yoshihisa Hashimoto Headed To New York?xsesh82/19/2013
Noctis is finally here!
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Do you want Versus on PS4?
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Will Final Fantasy Versus XIII Be Released . . .turtles123632/19/2013
Seeing as a Square Enix rep was in the recent PSVita livestream...
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Alright everyone this is it.. the final stand, our last chance!!test_genisis52/19/2013
The Crystal Crusade, Recruiting Conscripts Topic, For the Greater Goodpeonus22/19/2013
The Crystal Crusade, The Great War Strategy Room, Haikus Only Please,peonus22/19/2013
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So we got perfume instead of the actual game....MasterShot2k572/19/2013
Ok I don't see this on the front page, so here is newsGuitaristMatt42/18/2013
I feel so much frustration with Versus's long dev time...
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I think there is a hope for Versus after showing FFX today
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All Right Versus Board, Chances Versus at Sony, Big Conference Thing?peonus22/18/2013
Versus development to resumeMasterAndNewbie82/18/2013
This better be the game of the century
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ITT: Let's gather all the lolworthy assumptions and rumors about Versus.zombie_basher13102/17/2013
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