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Did Sony buy the critics? (Archived)snakenamedjoe52/25 10:24PM
Not liking it that much. Are the later games better? (Archived)Delta123456789310/18 8:46PM
I started this game yesterday and I am now on Chapter 3 *spoilers* (Archived)TheY2AProblem210/12 9:08PM
Enuf with the bullet sponges, off to MGS4 instead (Archived)vind3d79/28 9:56PM
This game looks suprisingly good still nearly 7 years later. (Archived)Ghost_Turtle69/23 4:43AM
Does Uncharted: Drake's Fortune work on the super slim 250gb PS3? (Archived)drakesfortune128/3 7:55AM
Secret grenades towards the end of chapter 19 (Archived)aaronimpact17/6 5:44AM
I just bought this and it won't load past the screen with the gold coin spinning (Archived)HONDA70036/15 1:03PM
Sign if You Have Achieved Platinum in this Game (W_R) (Archived)W_R25/26 9:21PM
This was the second PS3 game I played (and beat) (spoilers) (Archived)Robert_Griffin315/10 10:43AM
Just started my 1st playthrough (Archived)angeloglorioso105/3/2014
Treasure Hunting via multiple play-throughs (Archived)kitthirteen44/11/2014
Is this game's "Next Gen Filter" feature more funny or offensive? (Poll)slk_2333/12/2014
Gold Trophy (Archived)kitthirteen22/21/2014
This game is pissing me off!! (Archived)
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This game is really...really...really horrible, why such great reviews? (Archived)
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Turning Sixaxis off (Archived)phildunnett312/3/2013
Is the frame-rate in Chapter 1 jittery for anyone else? (Archived)GoldenEyeRa312/3/2013
Ignore the negative Nancies (Archived)Lynchology101610/2/2013
so can i... (Archived)videogames75_5310/1/2013
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