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7 years ago#1
ok, for non Malay speaking gamers here, brief translation of what Eddy Raja said throughout the game...

cepatan buka pintu = cepatan(quick) open(buka) the door(pintu)
sialan lu = stupid you
Tai kamu = your feces (since I can't say the "S" word here)
Tai kucing = kucing means cat
Hentikan mereka = stop(hentikan) them(mereka)

since the subtitle writes the same word they speaks, never really translate it.
actually its Indonesian language, which is same as Malaysian language.
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7 years ago#2
What does "bule" mean?
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7 years ago#3
bule.... if it pronounce as "boo lay" means "can" or "acceptable"
if pronounce as "boo lee" means "bully"

like what the fella say "siapa ini, bicara sekarang" means "who's that speak now"

then again Malaysian & Indonesian are a bit different.
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7 years ago#4
Acceptable? I mean, you do remember that cut scene where Eddy calls Nate a "bule," right? That'd just be weird.
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7 years ago#5
are you sure its bule? which chapter, i might hv to watch the cutscene again....

coz i don't recall him saying that to Nate. coz i totally forgotten what he say towards roman when he told him (spoiler) .....island is cursed

from the sound of it, bule can be read as "boo lay" in malay, so the closest thing to the sound is boleh= which mean can.
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7 years ago#6
I got my 100 head shots medal today. Yay me.
7 years ago#7
I just got this game, didn't know there's gonna be any M'sian in it but I'm already thrilled about as I lived in Malaysia for 6 months =D Even tho saya tidak boleh bahasa malaysia but still it'll be fun to hear the language again =D
7 years ago#8
well its been a hot and suddenly rain season in Malaysia... I too was shocked when he says "buka pintu"

pertama kali kita terdengar bahasa kita dalam video game, dan saya bukan melayu, if anyone asks.
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7 years ago#9
When you're in the catacombs, and you catch up with Eddy, he walks down a flight of stairs and yells to Nate "Heeeey, bule!"
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7 years ago#10
Heh I just got to the buka pintu part and knew what it means =D I only know a little Malaysian but it's still kinda cool =) Hentikan mereka I understood too...which reminds me of a funny thing I saw in a bus on Pulau Penang (301 to Prangin Mall I recall), somebody had written "Hentikan vandalisme" on the bus wall with a marker heh heh =D

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