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8 years ago#1
Please wait until after I am done posting all of the info before you respond with anything else you think may be needed.

Hello, I am lv20 and this is your Fire Emblem 10: Radiant Dawn Board FAQ. The purpose of this FAQ is different from the FAQs you're probably used to reading on this site as this is not a chapter-by-chapter or a character guide. It is a collection of information that most people here feel everyone should know, as well as data from Avelyn_Knight/VincentASM's website. Please read before you post, and especially before you ask a question that seems noobish. Thank you to all who helped make this, listed at the end, and to those who bother to read it.

Need to find something quick? Ctrl – F it.


This is currently the biggest problem. As of now, if you have an easy mode file of PoR and you try to transfer, you will get a glitch and it will not allow you to transfer. No, there is no way to fix it, you have to use either normal or hard mode of a PoR save.

Q] What is different between PoR and RD?
A] For more in go find the section but
Third tier promotion
Height effects gameplay
Support system is different
New characters and skills
More chapters
Updated visual and audio effects
No wiimote functionality – not a difference but should still be in here
Other things that likely don’t matter much.

Q] The boss keeps reviving!!! Why?

A] Kill boss with Ike. That is what you need to so. Last boss only.

Q] Are Marth and Roy in this game?

A] No. Marth is only in Fire Emblem 1 and 3 (Japan-only), and Roy is only in Fire Emblem 6 (also Japan-only), as well as a cameo in Fire Emblem 7 (Fire Emblem in the US) In all actuality, this is a running joke amongst the Fire Emblem community so I don't actually expect people to ask that. Ike, however, who appears in SSBB, is in here, so don't ask that either.

Q] What is perma-death and where can I buy Phoenix Downs?
A] Perma-death means that if you let your characters die, they are gone for good. No revive spells, no Phoenix Downs, no God to make a Jesus out of your characters, they are like my shame, dead and gone.

Q] Is this game a sequel to Fire Emblem 7?

A] Yes and no. Yes, it is the newest entry in the Fire Emblem series, but no, it does not share a story or characters with any Fire Emblem before The Sacred Stones. However, it is the sequel to Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance.

So far the order is, and which games were related

FE1 – FE2 – FE 3 (remake of FE1 plus some)
FE4 – FE5
FE6 – FE7
FE9 – FE10

Q] What characters from FE9 return in 10?

A] Every character from FE9 makes a return with the exception of the Berserker Largo.

Q: What is Goddess of the Dawn that I keep hearing about?

A] Goddess of the Dawn was the original, Romanized name of Radiant Dawn, and was initially thought to be the American title of the game, until it was revealed at PAX that it would be called Radiant Dawn.

Q] Is this game good? Should I buy it?

A] I dunno, don't ask. There is a reason why they have reviews, go read them. As to whether or not you should buy it, it is up to you as well. It is your game/will be your game, so do what you want with it. All I will say is that read more then one review. Read some of the high scores, some of the low scores.
8 years ago#2
Q] What is the story of this game like?

A] Three years have passed since the Daein-Crimea war, where the mercenary Ike led the Crimean army to defeat Daein's mad King Ashnard. Both Daein and Crimea are still stabilizing after that war. Daein is ruled by the Begnion occupation forces, after Crimea relinquished rule over their defeated country, and they are oppressed by the imperial soldiers. In the first of the game's four parts, a group of chivalrous thieves, which includes fortune-teller Micaiah, fight Begnion's oppression and attempt to liberate Daein and bring back power to the royal family.
However, he efforts of the Dawn Brigade are the beginning of a much larger conflict.

Q] How do the stat transfer from PoR work?

Note: This is all from Serenes Forest. Make sure to thank Aveyn_Knight whenever you see him.

If a character reached the stat cap for their final class and at their final level (20), in FE9, they will receive a fixed bonus to that stat in FE10.
The bonus is +5 for HP and +2 for Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defence and Resistance.
Danved receives the bonus for any stat that Devdan capped at his final level (20).
Calill receives an additional bonus, on top of her own, for any stat that Largo capped at his final level (20).
An exception is Sothe:
If Sothe reached Level 20 in FE9, his FE9 stats will be transferred directly to FE10
If a FE9 stat is lower than a default FE10 stat, the FE9 stat will take precedence.
Since the Resistance cap is lower in FE10, if his Resistance was 16 to 20 in FE9 it will become 15 in FE10
If a weapon type, in FE9, reaches a rank from C to S, there will be a Weapon EXP bonus to that weapon type in FE10.
The bonus is 40 for C, 80 for B, 120 for A and 160 for S.
If the final weapon rank in FE9 exceeds the FE10 weapon rank cap, it will be set to the FE10 weapon rank cap.
Support conversations, unlocked in FE9, can be viewed in a support library once FE10 has been cleared at least once. It seems only support conversations unlocked in a transferred file can be viewed, and only after that file has been cleared (in FE10).

A-level Supports obtained in FE9 become bond supports (with a bonus of +5 Critical and Dodge).

Certain A-level Supports in FE9 may have effects on the story (the most noticeable change is with the Ike and Soren support)

Any Coins collected in FE9 will appear in Ike's convoy at the beginning of Part 3.

Also, should a character die in PoR, it will have no bearing on the gameplay of RD. It would be as if you never used the character in the first place.

Q]What is bonus exp?

bexp is the exp given to you for doing certain stuff right on a chapter. It can be used on any unit to raise their exp or level rank. However, it is not a one to one ratio, you will need more then 100 bexp to raise a complete level. Unlike in PoR bexp has a limit. Every time you use it, you will get three stat ups. No more abusing early game, but you can max stats late game for sure.

If you do not use up all the bexp in a certain part, it will carry over, but only once that party is again in your main force.

Q] What is the triangle attack?

After Oscar promotes to a Silver Knight, if Oscar, Rolf, and Boy are placed in triangle formation around an enemy and equipped with Bows, should one brother attack, he will initiate a triangle attack.

For the brothers triangle attack the position is as follows.
X-O-X X = the brothers, O = enemy

For the Marcia, Tanith, Sigrun, and Elincia, it is the same except no spaces

There you go.

Q] When people say 20/20/20 what do they mean?

A] Each of those numbers represents one level on the different tiers of that character's promotion.

Eg. If Micaiah is a Lv. 5 Shaman (3rd tier), she would be 20/20/5.
8 years ago#3
Q] What is a Jeigan? And is there one in this game?

A] Jeigan is a character in the first Fire Emblem (the original, Japan-only game). He isa pre-promoted unit who started the game beastly but was an EWP hog, and ended the game terribly. There is a debate as to if there is a Jeigan in this game, focusing on Sothe who serves many of the same roles as a Jeigan. Regardless of whether he is or not classified as one, he shares some traits with him.

Other Archetypes of Fire Emblem are…


Don’t worry too much about them though as none are really in here, and even if they were, it doesn’t affect gameplay knowing about what they are called.

Q] When debating, people use average stats, where can I find these?


That FAQ, and if for some reason it is down, there is likely a new one up.

Q] Promotions? Tiers? What?

A] Each character can promote to a higher tier and level even further. When a Tier 1 unit hits Level 21, they promote to the next class, which is what a tier is, and starts back at Lv. 1, keeping the same stats. Once the promoted unit gets past level 10 in the promoted stage they can promote again using a certain item, which cannot be sold. There are a limited amount of these items with certain classes getting their own. No longer are you forced to use those items to get to the third tier classes, but you can save 00 exp by using the master crowns at lv20 instead of going to lv21. They work just like the second tiers now. Meaning that once you hit lv21, you go to the next tier. It should be noted that certain special units, Ike, Sothe, Michaiah for example, still need their own special item, and promote relating to the story.

Q]When do those exceptions happen?
A] Michaiah – end of part 1
Ike – Beginning of part 4 prologue
Sothe – end of part 4 prologue
Micaiah- beginning of Part 4 Final Chapter

Q] With so many units and so few items, who should I use?

A] Pick them yourself, because when you beat the game, it will feel that much better.
8 years ago#4
Q] Who are the characters and what are their classes?

A] I should make you go to the site, but whatever here they are. *The classes mentioned are the starting classes of each character.*

Micaiah- Light Mage
Sothe- Rogue
Elincia- Queen
Ike- Hero
Mist- Cleric
Sanaki- Empress
Ilyana- Thunder Mage
Tauroneo- Lance General
Zihark- Swordmaster
Jill- Dragon Knight
Tormod- Fire Sage
Muarim- Beast Tribe (Tiger)
Marcia- Falcon Knight
Nealuchi- Bird Tribe (Raven)
Leanne- Herron Princess
Haar- Dragon Master
Geoffrey- Lance Paladin
Lucia- Swordmaster
Nephenee- Halberdier
Brom- Ake General
Lethe- Beast Tribe (Cat)
Mordecai- Beast Tribe (Tiger)
Astrid- Bow Paladin
Kieran- Ace Paladin
Makalov- Sword Paladin
Danved- Halberdier
Calill- Fire Sage
Titania- Ace paladin
Soren- Wind Sage
Oscar- Lance Paladin
Boyd- Warrior
Rolf- Sniper
Gatrie- Lance General
Shinon- Sniper
Rhys- Bishop
Mia- Swordmaster
Ranulf- Beast Tribe (Cat)
Reyson- Heron Prince
Janaff- Bird Tribe (Hawk)
Ulki- Bird Tribe (Hawk)
Sigrun- Falcon Knight
Tanith- Falcon Knight
Tibarn- Hawk King
Naesala- Raven King
Stefan- True blade
Bastian- Archsage
Volke- Assassin
Oliver- Saint
Giffca- Beast Tribe (Lion)
Caineghis- Lion King
Renning- Gold Knight
Kurthnaga- Dragon Prince
Ena- Dragon Tribe (Red)
Nasir- Dragon Tribe (Whi.)
Gareth- Dragon Tribe (Red)
Sephiran- Chancellor
Edward- Myrmidon
Leonardo- Archer
Nolan- Fighter
Laura- Priest
Aran- Soldier
Meg- Sword Armour
Volug- Beast Tribe (Wolf)
Fiona- Lance Knight
Rafiel- Heron Prince
Nailah- Wolf Queen
Pelleas- Dark Sage
Heather- Rogue
Skrimir- Beast Tribe (Lion)
Lyre- Beast Tribe (Cat)
Kyza- Beast Tribe (Tiger)
Vika- Bird Tribe (Raven)

Q]What is the promotion path for the different classes?

Light Mage =>Light Sage => Light Priestess
Myrmidon => Swordmaster =>True Blade
Soldier => Halberdier => Sentinel
Fighter => Warrior => Reaver
Archer => Sniper => Marksman
Sword Armour => Sword General=> Marshall
Lance Armour =>Lance General=> Marshall
Axe Armour =>Axe General=>Marshall
Black Knight
Rogue => Whisper
Fire Mage => Fire Sage => Archsage
Thunder Mage => Thunder Sage => Archsage
Wind Mage => Wind Sage => Archsage
Dark Sage => (Dark)Archsage
Priest => Bishop => Saint
Sword Knight => Sword Paladin=> Gold Knight
Lance Knight => Lance Paladin=> Silver Knight
Axe Knight => Ace Paladin=> Gold Knight
Arch Knight => Bow Paladin=> Silver Knight
Pegasus Knight => Falcon Knight =>Seraph Knight
Dragonknight=> Dragonmaster=> Dragonlord
Hero => Vanguard
Cleric => Valkyrie
Heron Prince
Heron Princess

Q] What are laguz?

A] Simply put, the animorphs, or beast people. There are different kinds, most don’t like them, but they can be fun. They transform upon their gauge reaching full, unless they have a special skill.
8 years ago#5
Q} Skills? What are they and what do they do?

A] Skills are basically bonuses that can be added on to units for special effects. They come from scrolls. Here they are.

Class specific

Shove – you push a unit a space forward if your build is +2 more then the others – foot soldiers
Canto – move again after attacking or item using – mounted/flying units
Critical + 5 – d’uh Myrmidons, Halberdiers only
Critical + 10 – d’uh Swordmasters, Snipers and Sentinels only
Critical + 15 – d’uh Marksmen only
Critical +20 – d’uh Trueblades only
Critical + 25 – d’uh Assassins only
Steal – Thieves steal unequipped weapons and items.

Personal skills
Smite – shove 2 squares
Sacrifice – Micaiah only loses Hp to heal others hp and status
Wrath – if your hp is under 30% 50% crit up
Cancle – negates enemy attack
Nihil – enemy can’t use skills
Guard – You take damage for your adjacent buddy, how sweet
Shade – enemy less likely to attack you
Fortune – no more enemy crits
Howl - Prevents enemy from moving for one turn when user is attacked indirectly
Quickclaw - Deals damage, equal to user's Strength, to enemy when user is attacked indirectly
Wildheart - User stays transformed, but with halved transformation boosts
Shriek - Reduces enemy's Luck to 0 for one turn when user is attacked indirectly
Adept – 2-strike hit
Resolve - When under 20% HP, Str, Skl and Spd x 1.5 lol h4x0rz
Imbue - Each turn, user recovers HP proportional to their Magic
Savior – no rescue disadvantage
Celerity – mov + 2
Discipline – gain weapon exp faster
Pass - User can move through enemies ahhhhh GHOST!!
Gamble – crit X 2, accuracy/2
Beastfoe - Does effective damage against Beast Laguz
Birdfoe – look above use head
Dragonfoe – look above use head
Paragon – exp x2
Vantage – attacks first
Parity - Ignores user and enemy's terrain and support bonus
Renewal - Each turn user recovers 10% of max HP
Flourish – attack with half power
Blossom – ½ exp gain, but better stats
Counter - When damaged, deals half of taken damage to enemy
Disarm - Unequips a Beorc enemy – great for stealing weapons
Corrosion - Reduce enemy's weapon usage by user's Level
Provoke – Remember shade, yeah, the opposite
Miracle - Halves current HP when dealt a fatal strike
Mercy – fatal damage leaves enemy with one hp
Nullify - Negates enemy's effective bonus towards user
Daunt - Enemies within a 3 square radius have accuracy and critical reduced by 5
Formshift – laguz kings stay transformed without loss.
Blessing - Adjacent allies recover HP dependent on user's Magic
Boon - Adjacent allies recover their condition
Galdran – allows chants
Glare - Enemy cannot move until the chapter's end
Pavise – negates all damage
Insight - Accuracy +20, Sight (in fog of war) +5
Vigilance - Avoid +20, Dodge+20 – Go on, I dare yas, try and hit me.
Malestrom - Deals damage, equal to user's strength, to enemy when user is attacked indirectly
Blood tide - Increases adjacent allies' Strength and Skill by 5
White Pool - Increases adjacent allies' Magic and Speed by 5
Night Tide - Increases adjacent allies' Defense and Resistance by 5
Stillness – shade, just more effective
Mantle - Negates damage from non-Goddess-blessed weapons, each turn recovers HP equal to Luck, +Nihil – enemy only
Aurora - Returns half damage back to enemy – enemy only
8 years ago#6

Savage - Triples Strength and halves enemy's Skill for one turn
Rend - 5x Strength and prevents enemy from moving for one turn
Roar - Triples Strength and prevents enemy from moving for one turn
Ire - Triples damage
Aether - Attacks twice consecutively, with the first hit having a Sol effect and the second hit having a Luna effect – aka Ike goes ape ****
Astra - Attacks five times consecutively
Impale - 4x damage
Luna - Triples Strength and negates enemy's Defense
Eclipse - 5x Strength and negates enemy's Defense = enemy dead
Sol - Triples damage and user recovers HP equal to damage done to enemy
Flare - Negates Resistance and user recovers HP equal to damage done to enemy
Corona - Negates Resistance and halves enemy's accuracy for one turn
Bane - Reduces enemy's HP to 1 (counts as a kill) [Doesn't work on boss characters]
Lethality - Instantly KOs enemy – sorry bosses don’t count
Stun - Triples damage and prevents enemy from moving for one turn
Deadeye - Triples damage and sends enemy to sleep
Collosus - Triples damage and does additional damage
Tear - Triples Strength and halves enemy's Speed for one turn

Q] Weapon rankings?

A] Weapon ranks determine what weapons you can wield. It takes points to level up in ranks, and you get points by attacking. The following are the ranks and the points you need to get from the previous level to get to that level.

E to D - 30
D to C - 40
C to B - 50
B to A – 60
A to S - 70
S to SS – 80

Q] So other then allowing me to wield more weapons, are there any other bonuses?

A] No, although higher ranked weapons do give bonuses.

Q] What does this of game play like?

A] This game is a turn based strategy game like FFT, Disgaea, and Super Robot Wars. The battle system is rather straightforward. Your units and the enemies are placed on a chess-like grid. Each unit has a certain Movement; the distance, in squares, that the unit can move per turn. You want to kill the enemy and stay alive, pretty standard.

There are several different commands that a character can perform. Moving and attacking are the standard, but there are others as well, such as using an item, healing, rescuing, etc. AS you progress through the game, you just pick them up naturally. Pretty straight forward really.

Other then that, only the weapon triangles matter

The weapon triangle is Swords>Axes>Lances >Swords

The magic triangle is Dark>Anima>Light >Dark

Anima magic triangle is Wind>Thunder>Fire >Wind

If you are using a weapon against an enemy with a weapon that yours has advantage over, you get a hit/power boost.

Q]Why should I play it again?

A] Good question. Minor changes occur the second time around.

A] You are able to spare Pellas life in part 3 chapter 13 – or you could still kill him. Always fun.
Lehran/Sephiran can become a playible character after doing a couple of things – secrete info, you must be in the order for this info, or look at the cheats tab.
Soren and Ike's A support from Path of radiance shows a new scene
Plus some bonus scenes

Q] How do I get *certain character*?

A] Consult the FAQ guides, they can and will be your best source of information. If, after you have consulted the FAQ guides, you are still confused feel free to ask around, but learning to find the info yourself is a habit you should get into. It should also be said that not all the characters are available the first time through. You unlock certain bonus characters after you beat the game.
8 years ago#7
Q] One of my characters died, how do I bring them back?

A] The power switch. Seriously there is no no no no no way to bring them back. And I already covered this so asking again is not going to help. But I guess for emphasis I should say that if you read anything in this topic it should be this.

Q] I hear supports are different. How so?

A] Anyone can support with anyone, just don’t expect it to be real entertaining. They are mostly tofu convos, although some are good.

Paired endings are as followed.

Leanne and Naesala
Sothe and Michaiah

Others require A support in PoR. They are as follows

Ike and Soren
Ike and Ranulf
Elincia and Geoffrey
Lucia and Bastian
Astrid and Makalov
Jill and Haar
Meg and Zihark (Brom and Zihark A support in path of radiance)

Support bonuses are based on the affinities of the two units.

Fire: Attack +0.8, Accuracy +2.5
Water: Attack +0.8, Defense +0.8
Wind: Accuracy +2.5, Avoid +2.5
Thunder: Defense +0.8, Avoid +2.5
Heaven: Accuracy +9
Earth: Avoid +7.5
Light: Defense +0.8, Accuracy +2.5
Dark: Attack +0.8, Avoid +2.5

(Attack and Defense include both physical and magical)

Take each person and find his or her bonus. Add their bonuses together and multiply them by the support level, C-1, B-2, A-3, and round appropriately.

Q] Could you explain forging?

A] Sure. Forging is the making of a weapon to suit your standards in the base are. This is key if you want to get your army to be as awesome as can be. You can now forge any number of weapons you want at any time, but to forge them you must earn points by selling other weapons. 50 points are required to forge a single weapon. Coins to be explained next.

The weapons you can forge are iron, steel, silver for swords, axes, lances, bows, and knifes, and fire, thunder, wind, and light for tomes. You can also forge throwing weapons for lances and axes.

The amount of points you get for selling depends on the weapon rank of the weapon sold.

E – 1
D – 5
C – 10
B – 25
A – 50
S – 100
SS – 200

And the number of uses left is not a factor, so you can sell weapons with one use left and still be able to get the full amount of points.

Q] Coins, what are they and what do they do?

A] Coins are dropped or stolen items from FE9 which can be transferred over to FE 10 or obtained in a second method involving the use of coins, explained later. They are used to, while foraging, add certain bonuses to weapons. The bonuses are determined by the draw of the card. The bonuses are as follows.

Vine - Nothing
Sword – Might +1
Axe - Might +2
Dual Swords - Might +3
Arrow - Hit +10
Pronged Arrow - Hit +20
Feather - Critical +5
Seraph Feather - Critical +10
Soldier Might - +1, Hit +10
Knight Might - +1, Critical +5
Goddess - Might +1, Hit +10, Critical +5
Raven - 4 extra Coins
8 years ago#8
Q] What is the best site for info?

A] Currently, the best site to use for info is In addition to this, information tables can be found at Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy. However, should something happen to these sites, just ask around for a good link, one is sure to be floating around. That is the best site for your FE experience, and info from that site has been used in this FAQ, with permission of the man in charge…

Q] I have heard the phrase "personal experience means nothing", what does that mean?

A] Personal experience is the actions in your game, which hold no weight in debates. In debates, average stats are used to determine character stats at different levels. Also, stat boosters and favoritism are not considered either for many reasons. Stat transfers are to be considered only if they would have capped the stat naturally, without any favoritism/stat boosters, in PoR. Otherwise, just use good grammar and spelling when on the boards, and be polite.

Q] What type of things can be asked here?

A] This board has topicality and so only conversations pertaining to the game Fire Emblem should be discussed here. Apparently many "social topics" such as boopers, RPs, seconds games, and the like are considered off topic, so I feel obligated to warn you that they can and will be moderated. Even those these topics pertain to characters within the game, they do not pertain to the game itself, and are considered off topic. If this game ever receives a social board that is the place for those.

Q] How do I calculate *insert here*?

A] Thanks to Avelyn_Knight for the info.

Attack Speed = Speed - (Weapon Weight - Strength, take as 0 if negative)

Physical Damage = Strength + [(Weapon Might + Weapon triangle bonus) x Effective coefficient] + Buddy support bonus + Height bonus

Magical Damage = Magic + [(Weapon Might + Weapon triangle bonus) x Effective coefficient] + Buddy support bonus + Height bonus

Magical Defense = Resistance + Buddy support bonus + Terrain bonus

Accuracy = Weapon Hit + (Skill x 2) + Luck + Weapon triangle bonus + Biorhythm bonus + Buddy support bonus + Leadership bonus + Affinity bonus + Height bonus

Avoid = (Attack Speed x 2) + Luck + Biorhythm bonus + Buddy support bonus + Terrain bonus + Leadership bonus + Affinity bonus

Battle Accuracy = Accuracy - Enemy's Avoid [lowest value is 0, highest value is 100] [%]

Critical Rate = Weapon Critical + (Skill / 2) + Bond Support Bonus + Critical bonus

Dodge = Luck + Bond Support Bonus

Battle critical rate = Critical rate - Enemy's Dodge [%]

Skill Activation Rate = Specific skill activation rate + Biorhythm bonus [%]

Q] Thank you Lv20 for taking your time to create this for us! We love you!

A] This is not just a solo project. Many people have helped in the creation of this, and so should be thanked.

Aveyn_Knight- creator of the site which made this task so much easier. Much thanks.
Others - DSchellenberg, Lemonman, Lynx, Snowy, Mr. Bucket, doom. Naglfar. Void216 – although he is impatient -

You may now post.
8 years ago#9
FE: Working Tit: May 9th, 2006 - November 5th, 2007 ;_;
8 years ago#10
Also, this may or may not be the last version, depending on if more information arises.
h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l h-a-a-r
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