What do you think of the character's relationship-wise? *Spoilers*

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As I said in my previous post: Who cares?
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You cares...
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Silly person. It is "You care". There is no plural.
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Micaiah - Hetero, but dreams about Ike/Sothe going rolling about in the mud on the borders of Gallia while naked.
Edward - Hetero
Leonardo - Hetero
Nolan - Hetero.
Laura - Hetero
Sothe - Mother of Ike's children. Actually, just hetro.
Ilyana - Edible-phile. (I can no see any way to improve on this. W1n!)
Aran - Hetero
Meg - Hetero
Volug - Bi
Jill - Hetero as far as I can tell.
Tauroneo - Hetero
Zihark - Hetero
Fiona - Hetero and dreams of the Beetles gang-banding her (it's the hair-style)
Tormod - Gnomophile.
Muarim - Well... There's a reason Vika joined.... Hetero.
Vika - Hetero.
Nailah - Hetero
Rafiel - Hetero (they clearly do have sex if Leanne can have kids)
Elincia - Hetero
Marcia - Hetero
Leanne - hetero.
Nealuchi - Chuck Norris Hetero!
Haar - Hetero
Brom - Hetero
Nephenee - Hetero
Heather - Bi *Gasps are heard across Tellius*
Lucia - Incest.
Mordecai - A man like him? Hetero.
Lethe - Hetero. Likes Ike.
Geoffrey - Hetero
Kieran - Asexual. Will reproduce by splitting himself in half with an axe and each half spawning a new Kieran, which explains a lot about him. Cause he's one horny dude!
Astrid - Hetero
Makalov - Hetero
Danved - Michael Jacksano.
Calill - Hetero
Ike - No-sexual
Titania - Hetero
Soren - ***
Mist - Hetero
Rolf - Hetero
Boyd - Hetero
Oscar - That smile is so mysterious... Naw, just kidding hetero...
Shinon - Hetero
Gatrie - Botophile
Rhys - Would get deathly sick from sex, so pansexual.
Mia - Hetero
Ranulf - Too stressed to get a boner.
Kyza - Bi
Lyre - Hetero.
Reyson - Sings like a bird in bed.
Janaff - Hetero
Ulki - Hetero
Sigrun - Hetero
Tanith - Hetero (Likes Oscar)
Skrimir - Hetero
Tibarn - Bi
Naesala - Pimp/Hetero
Sanaki - Too young.
Pelleas - Hetero
Stefan - Hetero
Oliver - ***
Bastian - Hetero
Volke - We know he's Snake in disguise.
Caineghis - Hetero
Giffca - Hetero
Kurthnaga - Hetero
Ena - Hetero
Renning - Hetero
Nasir - Hetero
Gareth - Hetero
Lehran - Hetero
Zelgius - Wants Sanaki in bed.
Valtome - He ( o_0 I couldn't believe it the first time some one referred to him as a male...) wants Pelleas and Zelgius in shackles, you know it to be true.

Pairings: ( Arrows denote one-sided relationships.)
Sothe X Micaiah
Jill X Haar
Laura X Aran
Ilyana X Anything that has food... (Srsly though Zihark's most likely her dream guy.)
Meg -> Zihark
Volug X Nailah
Muarim -> Tormod
Elincia X Geoffrey
Elincia X Ike
Lucia -> Elincia
Astrid X Makalov (See: PoR)
Heather -> Nephenee
Heather -> Elincia
Devdan X Any five year old he can hogtie
Lethe X Ranulf
Lyre X Ranulf
Kyza X Ranulf
Titania -> Ike
Mist X Boyd (I can't believe that's canon...)
Rolf -> Mist
Gatrie X Anything female that moves (And it won't be random, generic, poorly written lemon, smex either, he falls in love with everything.)
Tanith X Oscar
Tanith X Sanaki
Tanith X Sigrun
Mia -> Rhys
Mia -> Ike
Mia -> Soren
Lethe -> Ike (PoR again)
Leanne X Naesala
Pelleas X Micaiah
Valtome -> Zelgius
Valtome -> Pelleas

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#25Snowy_OnePosted 6/22/2008 10:40:04 PM
Micaiah - Mildly chaste
Edward - Virgin
Leonardo - Lady's man
Nolan - Impregnates women with his beard.
Laura - Virgin
Sothe - Virgin
Ilyana - Virgin
Aran - Virgin
Meg - Woke up next to Shinon
Volug - Like a dog with two ****s.
Jill - Hazed as part of her entry to the army.
Tauroneo - HAD a wife and children
Zihark - He did have a rather serious girlfriend, as mentioned in one of his PoR supports
Fiona - Virgin
Tormod - Virgin
Muarim - Likely did it with Vika
Vika - Likely did it with Muarim.
Nailah - Virgin
Rafiel - Virgin
Elincia - Virgin
Marcia - 'payed' several of her brothers debts.
Leanne - Marries Naesala doesn't she...
Nealuchi - The HAWT STUFF!
Haar - Dreams of Jill.
Brom - He has a wife and children
Nephenee - Virgin
Heather - I'd actually wager that she's a virgin, as odd as it sounds.
Lucia - Virgin
Mordecai - Not a virgin.
Lethe - Too military to be in a relationship
Geoffrey - Virgin
Kieran - Reproduces with himself.
Astrid - Virgin
Makalov - (he's a gambler. SHINON is the drunk!) Virgin.
Danved - I'm serious about him liking young boys!
Calill - She's married to Largo.
Ike - Probably been raped by Aimee by now...
Titania - One fateful night with Greil... She also likes to watch Ike at night... This woman's got problems. o_0
Soren - Virgin
Mist - Virgin
Rolf - Virgin
Boyd - Virgin
Oscar - Virgin.
Shinon - Got drunk and woke up next to Meg
Gatrie - Raped by a cactus
Rhys - Virgin
Mia - Virgin
Ranulf - Too stressed to get a rise.
Kyza - virgin
Lyre - Total slattern
Reyson - Virgin
Janaff - Ulki
Ulki - Janaff
Sigrun - Virgin
Tanith - Nope, she does love to see the girls shower after a tough battle though...
Skrimir - It's never discussed but I do think he might be married. He's pretty old by our standards, as are all the laguz.
Tibarn - Total whore
Naesala - Pimp
Sanaki - Virgin
Pelleas - Virgin
Stefan - Hasn't seen a woman in too long. Virgin.
Oliver - Has sex slaves by the thousands
Bastian - Virgin
Volke - Too manly!
Caineghis - Very high probability he has a full family
Giffca - See Cainy
Kurthnaga - Virgin
Ena - She gave birth to Rajaion's kid didn't she? (That's a pretty long incubation period. O-0)
Renning - I don't think he was married.
Nasir - He's a grandpappy.
Gareth - Virgin
Lehran - He married Altina.
Zelgius - No one but Lehran has seen his brand, I doubt he's had sex.
Valtome - See Oliver, magnify it...
Next time, do not pick a fight with a pirate, lumberjack, chiropractor who happens to live in a cave that is inhabited by bears.
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...I did that on purpose?
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I support Sanaki x Boyd >_> <_<
Jeigan's a pretty cool guy, eh hurts your team and doesn't afraid of anything.
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I bet Gareth had some bad experiences with women. Or the other way around, cause he looks like te abusive husband type.
Mabey so many bad relationships behind him was his reason to take care of a little boy.
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Lethe is a ****ing boy!??!?!
Where's that axe???
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Ike - Asexual / Pansexual

Why don't you Ike-worshiping fanboys just accept that he might be gay. Oh, right. Might interfere with you IkexMia fanfiction :D
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