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What this game really took inspiration from?pwwnd123610/19 8:50AM
This game is so underrated.
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greatdimentio1110/15 7:49PM
So I tried to low-level the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials... and you can'tSqueeealer510/10 2:04PM
Odds, drops, and FlimFlamSqueeealer310/9 2:10PM
I want Peach and Bowser back for Flopside Pit of 100 TrialsSqueeealer410/8 1:12PM
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Stuck in the room with HP Plus by 3rd Heart Pillar, just finished Chapter 2. (Archived)XseriesFan29/30 9:14PM
Favorite villain or boss? (Poll)greatdimentio59/27 6:42AM
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"This isn't a turn-based RPG! What a horrible game!" (Archived)
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This game is great! (Archived)
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Do I need the Wiimote for this? or can I just use my Gamecube controller? (Archived)SevenDayCandler26/23 8:06PM
This game is Paper Mario's Symphony of the Night and Lament of Innocence (Archived)
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