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8 years ago#1
Welcome to the Super Paper Mario Board FAQ. I created this Faq to prevent this wonderful board from being flooded with the same questions over and over again. Please keep in mind that this is a FAQ and will contain SPOILERS! so read at your own risk. Please keep Bumped until Stickied.

If you are a Veteran +, you will be able to request a sticky!


-------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents -----------------------------------------------
Section 1: General FAQ
Section 2: Boss Strategies
Section 3: Piccolo Sidequest
Section 4: Pit of 100 Trials Preparation
Section 5: Cooking Disc Locations
Section 6: Heart Pillar Locations
Section 7: Glitches
Section 8: Level up Tricks and Money Making Tricks
Section 9: Credits

------------------------------------------------- General FAQ --------------------------------------------------------
This section covers all of the questions that people tend to ask about the levels of the game. It will cover from 1-1 to 8-4, so expect to see SPOILERS!!! throughout the walkthrough.

---------------------------------- Chapter 1-1 Questions ---------------------------------------------------------
Question 1: Do I have to pay Bestovious any coins to learn how to flip?

Answer 1: No, if you continually refuse to pay him, he will eventually teach you the technique for free.

---------------------------------- Chapter 1-2 Questions ---------------------------------------------------------
Question 2: There is a floating door in this level, how do I enter it?

Answer 2: Seriously, you canít because it is an exit. To exit from the door, you must find the entrance to it. Refer to Prince Zantís Floating Door FAQ for details.

Question 3: How do I reach the Caught Card on the roof?

Answer 3: There are two ways to reach the Caught Card. The first method is to use the ? block that contains a mushroom to jump onto the roof and then hop over to the card, or you could use Luigi to Super Jump up to the card.

Question 4: Thereís an abandoned house with a fence in it. Whatís the purpose of it?
Answer 4: If you look closely, you will see a pipe behind the fence. Simply flip to 3-D and walk around the fence.

Question 5: What happens if I say green to the red dude?

Answer 5: Not really sure, but I know that his brother kicks you out no matter what response you give to him. Try it out and see what happens.

------------------------------------- Chapter 1-3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Question 6: I ran all the way through the level and reached a dead end, now what?

Answer 6: There is a path halfway through the level that you flip at to head off to the right. Look for a strange looking rock formation. This is where you flip at.

Question 7: What do they mean by ďseek the red palm tree and leap under its branches 10 times?

Answer 7: Exactly what they are saying to do. Look for the red palm tree at the beginning of the level and jump under it 10 times to make a door appear.

Question 8: In this one room, there is a brick like structure. When I used Tippi, it said the Star Block was there, but I canít get to it. What do I do?

Answer 8: Did you notice the blue platform in front of it? In another area in the level, there is a sign that tells you to press 1 and minus on the blue platform to make something wonderful happen.
8 years ago#2
---------------------------------- Chapter 1-4 Questions ------------------------------
Question 9: In the room with the golden ladder and the pipe that continuously spits out Squigs, how do I hit the switch?

Answer 9: You need to pick up the Squig with Thoreau and toss it at the switch. You might need to jump to reach the switch.

Question 10: I am in this room where this trampoline bounced me up to the left side, but thereís nothing up there. What do I do?
Answer 10: Flip to 3-D to note a small ladder that you must climb. Stay in 3-D to reach the other side and the switch.

Question 11: What order do I hit the blocks in?

Answer 11: Flip to 3-D where youíll find little numbers on the blocks written on the side. Hit them in order from 1-4 to make the staircase appear.

Question 12: I hear that you can beat Fracktail by staying on his back the whole time, but the wind keeps blowing me off. How is this possible?

Answer 12: What you want to do is walk and jump in the opposite direction to stay on Fracktail when the wind blows. Then as Fracktail is flying next to you just as you are about to be pushed off, jump over to him and continue damaging him.

-------------------------------------- Chapter 2-1 --------------------------------------
Question 13: Where do I get Boomer?

Answer 13: There is a green warp pipe just before an area with wooden blocks blocking the path. You need to go down it and solve the puzzles until you reach Boomer.

Question 14: Does it matter what I answer when talking to Boomer?

Answer 14: No, you can answer whatever answer you want, and Boomer will still join you.

Question 15: Iím at this area with four star doors, and I canít proceed. What do I do?

Answer 15: Start with the door all the way on the left. Flip to 3-D and use Boomer to blow up the blocks. This should take you to a blue switch or coins. If the coins are in door four, try door 3.

------------------------------------ Chapter 2-2 ----------------------------------------
Question 16: Can I get the Mushroom attached to the pull chain in the one room?

Answer 16: Iíve never gotten it, but it might be possible. Try everything you got. If anybody gets it, let me know how you did.

Question 17: What do I do in the room with the spiked ceiling?

Answer 17: Flip to 3-D right when the ceiling is about to hit you and jump on top of it when it comes down. Ride it back up which should take you to a key.

------------------------------------ Chapter 2-3 ----------------------------------------
Question 18: Do I seriously have to hit that block 1 million times to get the million rubies.

Answer 18: You could, but there is a quicker way that takes 5-10 minutes to do.

Question 19: What is the quick method?

Answer 19: Start off by going to the Generator Room and hitting the block until you get 100 rubies. Look for a guy who tells you heíll give you some juicy information for 100 rubies. Pay the man to learn the code 5963. Type this into the area that asks for the four letter code to access the VIP Generator Room which allows you to collect more rubies by running in a wheel. Keep going till you have 10,000 rubies and then look for a guy in 3-D in one of the rooms who tells you he will give you some good info for 10,000 rubies. Pay him to learn the Vault Code 41262816. Flip into 3-D on the top level to find a hidden passage. Hit the block to make a ladder appear. Use Slim to pass the electric rod thingies and then open the vault with the Vault Code to find 1,000,000 rubies.

Question 20: Where do you find Slim exactly?

Answer 20: From the right side of the bottom level, use Peach to fly across the gap to the left side. Flip to 3-D and take the passage to find a chest containing Slim.
8 years ago#3
----------------------------------- Chapter 2-4 --------------------------------------
Question 21: Ah! This maze is frustrating!!! How do I navigate it????

Answer 21: Calm down and take a deep breath. Now, take the second door when you first descend the stairs into the level and work from there. You should flip to 3-D often in which ever room you go to. Look for a room with yellow blocks in 3-D that will take you to a higher level and go from there.

Question 22: Which one is Merlee?

Answer 22: You will get to ask both Merlees 5 questions. Pay attention to the answers and try to guess who the Real Merlee is. If you still donít know, pick the one with the fly buzzing around her because thatís the real Merlee.

-------------------------------------- Chapter 3-1 --------------------------------------
Question 23: How do I get that Pixl to join my party?

Answer 23: You have to beat Chapter 3 and return to 3-1 after you save Tippi from Fort Francis to get Barry on your side.

Question 24: I went all the way to the end of the level where you face off against the Koopa with the Mega Star. Whereís the Star Block?

Answer 24: Remember the two red pipes that you past when wondering through the level? Just jump down the gap between the two to enter an underground edition to the level. Follow through until you get to the Star Block.

Question 25: I got to a red X on the castle, but I donít know what to do?

Answer 25: Use Boomer.

------------------------------------- Chapter 3-2 ---------------------------------------
Question 26: Where do I find Thudley?

Answer 26: After you go through the first star door, youíll be in the next area. Right in front of the swirly water thing you should surface to the top to find land you can jump onto. Follow the path until you get to Thudley.

Question 27: What order to I hit the pegs in?

Answer 27: U D D U U D

---------------------------------- Chapter 3-3 ------------------------------------------
Question 28: How do I navigate the Dotwood Tree?

Answer 28: To navigate the Dotwood Tree, you must progress higher and higher as you switch between blue and pink platforms to help you get higher. To navigate, you need to use common sense, you 3-D flipping abilities, and some help from your partners to navigate.

Question 29: I just beat Dimentio and am at the gap. I tried floating across it with Peach, but she canít reach the pipe. What do I do?

Answer 29: Did you notice the red swirl of wind? You must jump on top of it and ride it to the pipe. I recommend using Peach for this part, so if you over jump, you can use her umbrella.

Question 30: How do I get that block behind the pipe near the Star Block?

Answer 30: Flip to 3-D.
8 years ago#4
----------------------------------- Chapter 3-4 -----------------------------------------
Question 31: How do I ride across the spikes in the first floating room?

Answer 31: You need to use Carrie.

Question 32: Where can I find Carrie?

Answer 32: In the room with the save block, flip to 3-D and jump behind the door. Head right in the dungeon until you reach Carrie.

Question 33: I canít find the codes to the rooms. What are they?

Answer 33: The first floating door you come to has the code 2323, and the second floating door has the code 2828.

Question 34: How do I enter Francisís room?

Answer 34: Make sure you have the two Fort Keys, have answered all of the questions true, and are playing as Peach. You will be hit with a laser if you donít.

----------------------------------- Chapter 4-1 -----------------------------------------
Question 35: Iím in a place with just stars and sky in the beginning. What do I do?

Answer 35: You need to use Tippiís power on the sparkling light to reveal Squirpís ship.

Question 36: These vortexes are confusing. Which ones do I take?

Answer 36: Usually what I do is I always take the second vortex in a set of two and usually end up reaching the Star Block.

----------------------------------- Chapter 4-2 -----------------------------------------
Question 37: Where do I find the paper?

Answer 37: You must follow the screen right and explore until you come to a door. Do not take the star door on the bottom of level. Look for the one after flipping to 3-D past the wall.

Question 38: Do I have to pay the old man 100 coins?

Answer 38: No donít because you can refuse and only buy it for 10 coins. If you refuse that, you have to pay 100 coins for the paper.

Question 39: Found Fleep, now what?

Answer 39: Use Fleep on the rift to get a key. The rift is that sparkling light above the stone.

---------------------------------- Chapter 4-3 ------------------------------------------
Question 40: I reached the second gate, what do I do?

Answer 40: You need to get a chocolate bar for Squirps.

Question 41: Where is the chocolate bar?

Answer 41: Take the vortex to an area with tons of vortexes. Take the one that is behind the line of boxes to reach the market.

Question 42: Does it matter which chocolate bar I buy?

Answer 42: No, but I would go with the cheapest chocolate because Squirps will eat either one.
8 years ago#5
--------------------------------- Chapter 4-4 -------------------------------------------
Question 43: Where do I find the first key?

Question 43: Above the first star door you come to is a platform. Flip to 3-D on the platform to find a hidden star door. In there is the first key.

Question 44: How do I reach the treasure chest on the ceiling?

Answer 44: In the room with all the doors, you need to use Peachís umbrella to float to the top left side where the door is. Follow the pathways from there to reach the chest.

Question 45: Where is the key to the last door?

Answer 45: In the room with the blocks that flip you around the ceiling, you need to hit the switch block when on the top of the ceiling. This will take you to the right side of the wall where a door is. You will eventually reach the chest.

--------------------------------- Chapter 5-1 -------------------------------------------
Question 46: What is the solution to the first block puzzle?

Answer 46: M L R

Question 47: What is the solution to the second block puzzle?

Answer 47: M R L L R M R L R R M R R L M M L L L R L L L M M

--------------------------------- Chapter 5-2 -------------------------------------------
Question 48: Where do I find the Water Tablet?

Answer 48: In the first river area you come to. Jump down and swim to find a chest.

Question 49: Where do I find the Fire Tablet?

Answer 49: Somewhere in the level is a path in 3-D that branches off to the left. Follow it and use Bowserís flame on the stone thing.

Question 50: Where do I find the Stone Tablet?
Answer 50: Look for the weird rock formation. In 3-D, flip to see it looks like a Yoshi. Run around it to get the Stone Tablet.

Question 51: What order do I put the tablets in?

Answer 51: Stone, Water, Fire

------------------------------------ Chapter 5-3 ----------------------------------------
Question 52: I canít get the mine cart to turn to the left. What do I do?

Answer 52: Flip to 3-D while riding the cart.

Question 53: Where do I find those two guys?

Answer 53: Make sure you break all of the yellow blocks because they block doors that eventually lead to Flint Cragglyís crewman. Use Cudge on the yellow blocks.

------------------------------------ Chapter 5-4 ----------------------------------------
Question 54: How do I get past that thing that the Floro Cragnons are passing?

Answer 54: You need to have a Floro Sprout.

Question 55: What do I do in the room with the paintings?

Answer 55: You have to blow a crack in the wall underneath the paintings and match the block with the same colored painting.
8 years ago#6
------------------------------------- Chapter 6-1 ---------------------------------------
Question 56: Do I really have to fight all 100 Sammer Guys?

Answer 56: No, you only have to fight 20 of them.

------------------------------------- Chapter 6-2 ---------------------------------------
Question 57: The world was destroyed, can I go back in?

Answer 57: Yes.

------------------------------------- Chapter 7-1 ---------------------------------------
Question 58: I donít have coins to pay the man, now what?

Answer 58: You can jump into the river, it wonít hurt you.

Question 59: Got Luigi, now what?

Answer 59: You need to find Luvbi.

Question 60: Where do I find Luvbi?

Answer 60: Towards the beginning of the level, you should see a pipe at the star door. Use Luigiís Super Jump to access the top of the pipes and continue going until you find Luvbi.

---------------------------------- Chapter 7-2 ------------------------------------------
Question 61: Where do I find the key to that one door after Dorguy the second?

Answer 61: You have to talk to the old lady who is missing her book that the she lent to one of the D-Men. She will transport you to him. Talk to the D-Men in question to get the book and then take it back to her for the key.

Question 62: I heard that Piccolo is useful for this battle. Is that true?

Answer 62: Yes, Piccolo puts the Underchomp to sleep with its music.

---------------------------------- Chapter 7-3 ------------------------------------------
Question 63: What are all of the apple colors I can find in this level?

Answer 63: Red, blue, yellow, pink, and black.

Question 64: Which color fruit wakes up Princess Peach?

Answer 64: The Black Apple can wake Princess Peach.

Question 65: There is a cloud who is saying he wishes to be big. What apple do I give him?

Answer 65: The Red Apple. If you donít have one, hit the block to the left of the cloud where a warp pipe will appear and lead you straight to the floor where you can find them.

--------------------------------------- Chapter 7-4 -------------------------------------
Question 66: What is with that guy pretending to sleep?

Answer 66: He isnít really that important or major to your quest.

Question 67: Where can I find Rebbi, Blubbi, and Yebbi?

Answer 67: Rebbi is the guy you find who is fighting off the monsters that you come to save him. Blubbi is the guy with amnesia in sector 2 of the Overthere, and Yebbi is the guy hiding in the bathroom stall in sector 5 of the Overthere.
8 years ago#7
--------------------------------------- Chapter 8-1 -------------------------------------
Question 68: I reached a drawbridge type room. Is there anything important in here?

Answer 68: Nope, but there are some monsters in here that can help you boost your experience level.

Question 69: Does it matter what order I light the torches in?

Answer: Yes, this is one of the games puzzles. Simply light the torches in the pattern of the previous room with torches before this. Go back and look if you are stuck.

-------------------------------------- Chapter 8-2 --------------------------------------
Question 70: Do I get a game over if I say yes to all of Merleeís offers?

Answer 70: No because the choices will eventually whittle down to refusing if you say yes. No matter what, you can never accept Merleeís offer.

Question 71: How do I get out of the jail area?

Answer 71: Got to the room with the left through the whirling fire and hit the block twice to move the pipe all the way to the left. Ascend and grab the key then flip to 3-D and pass through the compartment in the floor.
Question 72: If I pick Francis on the last choice of Merleeís questions, what happens?

Answer 72: You fight Francis. If you want extra experience and another chance to fight Francis, pick him.

--------------------------------------- Chapter 8-3 -------------------------------------
Question 73: Where do I find the key to the mirror room with Dimentio in them?

Answer 73: Look for the mirror that doesnít sparkle and pass through it in 3-D. Your key is back there.

Question 74: At the top of the stairs is a locked door. Where do I find the key?

Answer 74: There is a hidden passage at the bottom of the first staircase that can be found by flipping to 3-D. Go through the passages and hit the blocks in order to proceed to where the key is.

Question 75: How do I navigate the room that keeps sending me back to beginning?

Answer: 75: You have to jump on all of the ledges in the correct order to proceed. Flip to 3-D and follow the little arrows to get through the rooms.

-------------------------------------- Chapter 8-4 --------------------------------------
Question 76: Grrrrrrr! Where is that key?

Answer 76: There is a hidden pipe halfway through the blocks that leads to an underground passage. Flip to 3-D and use Dottie to reach it.

Question 77: How do I navigate through the maze?

Answer 77: Flip to 3-D and look for open passages. You will eventually reach the end.
8 years ago#8
------------------------------------- Boss Strategies -----------------------------------
I know that the bosses in this game are cake and donít usually pose much of a threat, but I felt the need to give you strategies on how to whack these bosses. You will find game bosses only. The three optional bosses will not be included because they are not required to beat the story and are duplicates of other characters or bosses with same lame strategy.

************************ Chapter 1 Bosses **********************

Miniboss: O Chunks
Max HP 20
Attack 1

O Chunks is the first official miniboss that you come across in this game. He has many annoying attacks such as charging at you, jumping on you, and grabbing you and throwing you. The easiest strategy to beating this guy is to take Pixl Thoreau and toss him at O Chunks to grab him. Toss O Chunks and daze him in order to jump on him. You should be able to do at least 2 damage at this point, so repeat about 10 times until defeated.

Chapter Boss: Fracktail
Max HP 18
Attack 1

Fracktail is the first official boss of the game and starts of by taking flight into the sky. Avoid him as he streaks across the ground or you will take damage. Wait until he flies to the right, and Tippi will tell you to flip to 3-D. Flip to 3-D and jump onto his back as he is streaking by to have him take you into the air. Pick up the Frackles that appear on his back with Thoreau and toss them at his green antenna. After 3 blows, the wind will blow you. Push in the opposite direction of the wind until you are at Fracktailís tail. Then jump over to him and land on his back. Rinse and repeat 2 more times to victorious.

*********************** Chapter 2 Bosses *********************

Chapter Boss: Mimi {Spider Form}
Max HP 36
Attack 1

Mimi is a very annoying boss who walks around in her spider form and throw rubies at you. The best strategy is to pick up her rubies with Pixl Thoreau and toss them back at her. Once one her legs breaks off, you can jump on her and continuously pound her until her six legs come off. She has 6 legs with 6 HP for each leg. She is very simple.

*********************** Chapter 3 Bosses ***********************

Miniboss: Bowser
Max HP 20
Attack 2

Bowser is mad that you blew up his fort, so now he has to kick your butt. He will leap on you and try to blow fire at you. Try to stay away from a distance. Do not jump on him or you will take damage. To win this fight, simply place Pixl Boomer near Bowser and make him explode to deal 5 damage. Do this 3 more times to win and get a new ally.

Miniboss: Blooper
Max HP 18
Attack 2

The Blooper is not that hard of a boss fight at all. You will need Bowser for this fight. Avoid Blooperís tentacles with the blue circles on them and blow fire at the ones with red circles. Repeat until Blooper is defeated.

Miniboss: Dimentio
Max HP 30
Attack 2

Dimentio can be annoying and is probably the first challenging boss you will come across. He shoots magic crystals at you and can duplicate himselt. Dodge his crystals and keep bouncing on his head until he falls defeated.

Chapter Boss: Francis
Max HP 40
Attack 4

Francis is the boss for Chapter 3. He will start off invisible and will reappear frequently around the room. He can do three things when he appears. He can take a picture of you to disappear when the camera flashes, he can summon his meow bombs, or he can swallow you and spit you out. Avoid that attack at all costs or itís 4 damage to you. In order to beat Francis, you need to attack him every time he reappears. A good strategy somebody said, but I donít know, so I canít give credit is that if you flip to 3-D, you can see Francisís shadow and get an idea where heíll pop up.
8 years ago#9
*********************** Chapter 4 Bosses **********************

Chapter Boss: Mr. L
Max HP 40
Attack 3/6

Mr. L is the boss for chapter 4. This first part is basically dodging Mr. Lís jumping attacks which do 3 damage. Make sure to dodge Mr. Lís Super Jump, or youíll take 6 damage. If Mr. L pulls out a Shroom Shake, throw Pixl Thoreau at him to steal the shakes. Continue jumping on him until he falls.

Chapter Boss Part 2: Brobot
Max HP 255
Attack 4

The second part of the battle is a space match between you and Mr. Lís giant robot Brobot. Brobot will fire missles at you, laser beams, and try to swallow you. Avoid his air, or youíll get sucked in. Also, try to pick up as many candies as you can and hammer Brobot with Squirps until he blows up.

********************** Chapter 5 Bosess ************************

Miniboss: O Chunks
Max HP 40
Attack 2

O Chunks is back for another try against our heroes. This guy is so easy itís not even funny. All you have to do is use the same strategy, and you will beat him in no time.

Miniboss: O Cabbage
Max HP 60
Attack 3

O Chunks is being controlled by a Floro Sprout and is a little challenging. He uses the same attacks as before, but he is fast and can throw the tiles of the floor at you. Dodge these and be quick, or he will barrel you down.

Chapter Boss: King Croacus
Max HP 50
Attack 2

King Croacus is easily one of the most annoying bosses in the game. He starts of with three spiked heads that like to pummel you into the ground. I recommend Bowser for this fight. Carrie might help you have Bowser shoot
Flame at King Croacusís main head when he pops out of his thorn shield. Once you damage him 2 or 3 times, heíll turn into a floating flower and throw propellers at you. Toast them with Bowserís flame and hit him with a Bowser + Carrie combination to win the battle.

********************** Chapter 6 Bosses ************************

Miniboss: Mimi
Max HP 25
Attack 2

This is the first fight against Mimiís human form or whatever she is. She has a forcefield of rubies that circle her which prevents you damaging her. She will throw rubies at you and create a wave of rubies that can cause serious damage. For this battle, use Peach. Use Pixl Thoreau to grab her rubies and throw them as the forcefield to do about 5 damage. Repeat until Mimi dies.

Chapter Boss: Brobot L Type
Max HP 64
Attack 5

Mr. L is back with Brobot repairs and ready to defeat you. I recommend Bowser + Carrie combo, but donít blow fire because heís resistant to it. He shoots missles, laser beams, and his fists. Watch out because heíll also try to squish you. Keep jumping on him with Bowser + Carrie and dodging his attacks to emerge victorious.
8 years ago#10
********************** Chapter 7 Bosses ************************

Miniboss: Bowser
Max HP 80
Attack 8

Bowser thinks you are trying to break up him and Peach, so he challenges you to battle. He still uses the leaping and fire blowing attacks from your fight in chapter 3. To best him, you need to use Pixl Boomer, or jump on his head with Carrie. I would use Mario for this fight as Luigi is plain useless.

Miniboss: Underchomp
Max HP 10 Each
Attack ????

The Underchomp is your ticket to chapter 7-3 if you can best him. This is the only turn based battle in the game, so enjoy it. I would recommend entering the fight with Bowser since he will deal the most damage. If you have Piccolo, I highly recommend blaring his music to make the Underchomp fall asleep. Use your attacks to take down the Underchomp no sweat. Piccolo makes the battle easier, but you donít have to have him to win.

Chapter Boss: Bone Chill
Max HP 80
Attack 4

Bone Chill is a combination of skeleton and a cannon type thing that shoots ice blasts at you. Avoid these at all costs. Defeating him is a piece of cake with Luigi. Stand under his head and nail him with Super Jump until he dies.

********************** Chapter 8 Bosses ************************

Miniboss: O Chunks
Max HP 100
Attack 4

O Chunks his here one last time to try and best you. He uses the same strategies as before, but he has higher attack and HP. Use Pixl Thoreau or just smash the crap out of him with Bowser + Carrie to win. You have to fight with Bowser so make the best of it.

Miniboss: Mimi
Max HP: Infinite
Attack 4

Mimi is back in Spider Form to take down the heroes. You are forced to fight this match with Peach, which is the best character to use against her. Mimi has all of her annoying attacks from previous matches. Her HP is infinite because the focus of this battle is to take out her legs to win. Just keep jumping on her or throwing her rubies back at her with Pixl Thoreau to succeed.

Miniboss: Dimentio
Max HP 90
Attack 4

Dimentio is back to play games with Mario and Luigi. You must fight this match as Luigi. Dimentio is so simple with Luigi because Super Jump works wonders when he is high in the air and does a lot of damage. Dimentio still uses his Crystals and Duplicating attacks.

Chapter Boss 1: Count Bleck
Max HP Invincible
Attack 8

Count Bleck will begin the battle by flying around the room and casting vortexes at you. Do not let them hit you! Jump on Count Bleck a couple of times to initiate a cut-scene in which the Pure Hearts surround Bleck and take away his invincibility.

Chapter Boss 1: Count Bleck
Max HP 150
Attack 8

Now, the true battle with Count Bleck begins. Count Bleck will fly around the room and can cast magic vortexes at you and slow down time. The best way to beat him is to get under him with Luigi and Super Jump into him. Repeat this process many times until Count Bleck dies.

Chapter Boss 2: Super Dimentio
Max HP Invincible
Attack 6

Super Dimentio is a fusion of Luigi, Dimentio, and the Chaos Heart. Super Dimentio will start off with the protection of the Chaos Heart, so all you can do is bounce on him until you initiate the final cut-scene in which the Pure Hearts return to shatter the Chaos Heart.

Chapter Boss 2: Super Dimentio
Max HP 200
Attack 6

It is now time to fight the last boss of the gameís story. Super Dimentio has the same field as Bleck, but the blocks move and shoot bullets at you. When you see a giant exclamation point, use Pixl Slim to avoid Super Dimentioís jump attack which does 6 damage. Get high on the platforms, and use Bowser to bounce the crap out of Super Dimentio until he dies. Seriously, that was way to easy.
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