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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles FAQ (v1.0) (please READ) (keep bumped) (Sticky)
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sknmak12511/10 2:19PM
Wii U (Archived)Veilmenacex18/14 10:56AM
Well that's depressing. (Archived)fluffy_kins111/15 12:16PM
Can Magnums score headshots on zombies and crimson heads? (Archived)dogbertius311/2 2:32PM
Headshot tips (Archived)dogbertius210/23 7:40PM
Playing co-op with yourself is really fun. (Archived)bluPython17/9/2014
Weapon Upgrades/Bonus Play questions (Archived)Kensaimage112/28/2013
do enemies take more damage in two player mode? (Archived)MegaDuran17/13/2013
Does this game have an (Easy Difficulty) setting! (Archived)McGuirex315/17/2013
IMO, this game is better in every way to Darkside. (Archived)shakenstirred311/24/2012
I shouldn't require an A rank to progress. (Archived)EvaPilot119/30/2012
Resident Evil: RPG anyone? (Archived)ChrisChaos8855/6/2012
Remember when this board was full of Resident Evil CYOAs? (Archived)Artemis_Fei14/14/2012
What controller do i use to play this? (Archived)mbj7944211/25/2011
Any idea on how the five categories equal out to "A" or "S" mathematically? (Archived)ploodie111/19/2011
Is the color SUPPOSED to be drab and muted? (Archived)ploodie211/18/2011
This and Darkside Chronicles announced as for PS3 in an HD Collection (Archived)CLupula611/2/2011
Which Chronicles game is better? (Archived)talonmalon333410/19/2011
Anyone else think Lisa Trevor's return was a bad idea? (Archived)talonmalon33339/8/2011
umbrella chronicles handgun only is it possible (Archived)viper250019/7/2011
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