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StickyHarvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility - Frequently Asked Questions, Version 2 (Sticky)
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Anyone know where/how to catch a bonito? Help appreciated :) (Archived)masterdrenin37/4 1:04PM
Resident profiles. (Archived)Kurdai14/19 3:30PM
Can you trigger rival events after you get married? (Archived)SankuOfLIght24/6 12:10PM
Just caught my first Woodfish. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity13/31 6:35PM
loves request (Archived)DeathViper1923/10 1:01AM
Controller help! (Archived)Lolitarojas47/28/2014
Orchard help! (hope someone still playing this game) (Archived)Ordinaryguy0157/22/2014
Missing barn animal glitch (Archived)harvestmoon198943/20/2014
There is no fish in the Goddess Cave...? (Archived)Vegeta900511/25/2014
So I just beat the game main story what now? (Archived)Vegeta900521/22/2014
Random cooking failures? (Archived)Narutoman1421/17/2014
So it's impossible to get Grilled Eggplant befotre fall? (Archived)Vegeta900531/11/2014
Do I win anything at all if I get first place in these mini game? (Archived)Vegeta900531/11/2014
I'm trying to 100% complete this... (Archived)morningglory05111/4/2013
Should i get this game? (Archived)harvestmania210/9/2013
Woodfish. Need I say more? >:( (Archived)xMiyumiChanx39/10/2013
Wedding (Archived)EmilyFalcon15427/28/2013
Blue Feather (Archived)EmilyFalcon15437/25/2013
Really Lost? (Archived)thestartomysky27/22/2013
Question about the Goddess Seedling? (Archived)thenagan46/25/2013
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