Top 10 Hottest Digimon Girl So Far

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User Info: The8thKoopaling

8 years ago#1
Heres mine

1st-Mimi (1st Season)

2nd-Miki (5th Season)

3rd-Grown up Mimi (end of 2nd Season)

4th-Zoey (4th Season)

5th-Sora (2nd Season)

6th-Kari (2nd Season)

7th-Sora Grown up (End of Second Season)

8th-Sora (First Season)

9th-Mimi (2nd Season)

10th-Rika (3rd Season)

User Info: Ketchup100

8 years ago#2

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User Info: Blaze_of_Orange

8 years ago#3
Does it really count if you have the same person more then once? They're the same person. I'd just have to go with Sora.
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User Info: waitletsplay

8 years ago#4
u no thats just creepy free stuff

User Info: piplupmaster

8 years ago#5
What is this I don't even
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User Info: TormentedSoul25

8 years ago#6
..... Alice
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User Info: SdShoji

8 years ago#7
Yoshino maybe...

Sora(02) yeah she's hot.

Hikari(Advanture/02) she's just MOE or cute because i like loli

User Info: Charizard009

8 years ago#8
Yoshi for sure. Also those two with the PawnChessmon in season 5.
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User Info: Hotmagic18

8 years ago#9
I always had a thing for Sora since i was a kid :/
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User Info: BeelzemontZero

8 years ago#10
ruki from tamers
and kari from 02
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