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Logic Driving Force Pro Racing Wheel with GTA IV

#1small_fry14Posted 5/9/2008 8:12:42 PM
Has anybody tried driving in GTA IV using a Logic Driving Force Pro Racing Wheel (or any steering wheel)?

It's not so bad ya know especially the street race and car chasing missions. The wheel works effectively well if using the in car view than the outside view.

I got it on classic controls so need to hold A to accelerate cause the foot pedal settings are analog stick up and down. Not much force feed back which is a shame but if your a fan of driving games then the steering wheel is a bonus. When using the steering wheel to drive around the city it feels like a driving simulation which beats going around murking people!

You can also still use the wheel to control Niko on foot but when using weapons I quickly switch back to the SIX AXIS control pad. It may be possible to complete the game using a steering wheel and pedal but no way i even try it LOL.

Overall I prefer to use the steering wheel just to feel good escaping the liberty city cops!
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