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8 years ago#1
Hello, we're soon in the 2nd week into GTA. I and a fw others have already finished the game, and learnd some lessons.
So post your best tips and tricks, heres mine.

* Go with the MAC-10 for driving becouse you need those 50 shots.

* When your low on life, call 911 and ask for the paramedics, they boost your health to max, but it will cost you. (You can ofc kill them afterwards to get your money back. This will get you 2 stars tho.)

* When playing Cops n' Crooks as mafia, you can head towards the water to get a boat, this will keep you far away from the police.

* Don't waste a RPG ($5000) on a helicopter, use the combat sniper to take the two gunmens or the driver.

* When driving the Turismo and you need to shoot someone behind you, do a 180 turn, shoot while in reverse then turn 180 agian. (To protect you from flying out the frontwindow),

* You can go to Bohan and watch the houses to see a suicide jumper.

* The "Blista Compact" is one of the best cars ingame, and its common to,

* The Taxi-cabs is great, its boring, but handles really good,

* When escaping the cops, use a car that steer with all 4 wheels. Never take patriot.

* Bikes is the best way to run out the cops. (Don't forget your helmet, wich reduces damage taken by 3%)
8 years ago#2
thanks for those tips, some are real useful like heli shooting and paramedics.
8 years ago#3
I'll have to try the 180 reverse shooting for the fun of it. ;)
8 years ago#4
Great to get some postitive responses. Please post your best tips!
8 years ago#5
Use the Ramps to escape cops faster .
8 years ago#6
Great list, very useful but one question.

* You can go to Bohan and watch the houses to see a suicide jumper.

Where exactly?
8 years ago#7
You know, thats the problem. Its in a alleyway to the south, its like 2 dumpsters on the right, and a ladder to the left, and you see him jumping from the upper right house to the center.
8 years ago#8
I'm off to try and find it then.
8 years ago#9
I'll try to take a picture for you, give me an hour.
8 years ago#10
*When trying to move backwards,reverse and do a 180 spin instead of slowly turning around.

*Never run on the train tracks ^^

*Never use a bike for really high speed chases.

*On RACE,use a Sultan RS for sports car's category when the weather setting is Rain,Banshee or Conquette for normal.

*Never run away from an Annihilator in a Maverick if you are above water. Instead,try to ram it's tail off. Even a skilled pilot cannot move the tailless vehicle fast enough to chase.

*If using a taxi and going across the bridge,never tell him to hurry. Or skip the ride.

*Don't take the subway,there is a high possibility of the next station not appearing,allowing you to see the streets.

*Never hit a heavy vehicle head on with a small vehicle,your wheels might be crushed and destroyed.

*Unstall a vehicle with the magic 911.

*Use fire trucks for high speed chases,it pushes cars aside like feathers and has a high top speed.

*Never bail out of a flaming helicopter fast,instead,fly to the water and jump out. Fires last long enough for you to fly away now.

*Brake frequently for turns.

Japanese VA > English VA
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