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What I do in GTA 4 When I'm Bored.

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8 years ago#151
ROFL 1337 reading, gl & hf as the official GTA-Novelist
8 years ago#152
"Pacman does contain strong sexual and religious messages, what with the eating balls and being chased by ghosts." -DancesWithLobsters-
PSN: datret
8 years ago#153
The ending was the best XD
PSN: jrabin93
8 years ago#154
First time StumbleUpon has ever directed me to a gfaqs topic O_o
8 years ago#155
that was great!
I'm really glad someone invented pizza, and bikinis, bikinis are coool.
8 years ago#156
whoa, i just got to this topic by using STUMBLEUPON!!!! TC has reached epic status, and is now an internet star!

..*) .*) Gamertag: Pacman 404
(. (. . .`.
8 years ago#157
Came through StumbleUpon as well. Crazy.
Is it out in Australia yet? *revs up his kangaroo*
8 years ago#158
what a weird topic.
8 years ago#159
8 years ago#160
"We both plummet to bottom and die instantaneously. They will never know who killed John, or the cab driver Shafeeq. They will never find the body of Sara or Niko Bellic. The ocean mixed with gasoline fueled fire will ruin any traces of either of our pasts or future.

I then revive at a hospital and steal a Blista Compact and go bowling with Roman."

"I watched the stupidity of humanity through the rifle of my scope.."
my psn 'shadowrundas' feel free to add idc
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