How do you change your "Favorite Radio Station"?

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7 years ago#1
I must have switched to LPR a dozen times and it STILL says my favorite is Vladstock FM.
7 years ago#2
Its all about what comes on when you first enter a car. for example when I turn on and lchc is on that counts towards the favorite station when I turn to lrr that also counts towards it. it doesn't matter that much anyway because no one on the street will fight you because they think you like vladivastock FM when you dont. On a side note I like vladivastock FM as much as LRR
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7 years ago#3
Oohhh. So that's how. And I know that, but I want the stats to represent me, so if it has a thing where it says my favorite radio station, I want it to say that. It records what my favorite color car is, I want it to record what my favorite color car is, regardless of how often I get into one of that color.
7 years ago#4
That makes no sense. Seems to me that it's based on the amount of time you've listened to each station.

For me, it's almost always "Liberty Rock Radio" or whatever it's called. And most of the time, when I get into a car, I have to change the station from something I don't like, to something I do.
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7 years ago#5
I'm with delta on this one, I'm sure its linked to the amount of time spent listening to a station not which 1 is on when you get in to a car or how many times you change stations.
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7 years ago#6
obviously it would be based on the time spent listening to each station, but i also think it might take into consideration stations you most often switch to, and which stations you switch off. because my least favourite station is apparently massive b, but i'm quite certain there are other stations i've listened to much less. i mean, i pretty much can't stand massive b (especially that song with that dickhead who says "gangsta for life", **** off idiot, you're not a gangsta) but there are a couple of others i never listen to. i'm surprised that massive b is listed as my least favourite, when i would expect to it be something like LCHC, or the journey, IF99, or some other nugget station. and i actually had to check the list of radio stations on wiki just then because otherwise i have no idea what they are, obviously because i never listen to them.

and more often than not i turn the radio off completely these days, because apart from maybe a dozen i'm not a real big fan of the music selection this time 'round. but if i'm gonna have the radio on, i'll listen to electro-choc mostly, plus the beat, the vibe, radio broker, liberty rock radio, vladivostok, tuff gong and obviously the talk show stations. don't really bother listening to anything else, which is kind of a shame in a way. definitely would have liked to be able to play my own music off the harddrive of the few real disappointments in the game for me.
7 years ago#7
Well why don't you just go marry playing your own music off your hard drive!
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7 years ago#8
i would if i could...or do something similarly symbolic atleast.
7 years ago#9
I'm gonna need a new hard drive if I ever get into all that.
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7 years ago#10
Seems to me that it's based on the amount of time you've listened to each station.

Solidly behind that one. Giggity.
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