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5 years ago#1
I wish to clarify a comment by user Ash274 post on the 'How long is GTA IV?' about my time in Black gold race which was (A complete lap in Free Race: "Black Gold" in 35 thousandths of one second (Thunderer08) This was not due to my ability or by cheating. this was simply down to the server loosing the other players on the 3 - 2 - 1 count down I was the only remaining player and was scored as completing the route even though I was the only person left in the game.
since that day I was first place for a week and then the system was updated and now I can not score at that track even though I have played it repeatedly the servers WILL NOT score a loosing time let alone the wining times because of this I can not get the All on line games trophy and complete the Platinum trophy as well. I have written to R* and Take Two about this but neither seem willing to help out.
Please note it was BS but it wasn't anything I did... R* Social club has now managed to loose my BASE jump time from their records so something isn't right about their servers... please note this was before the PSN problems
5 years ago#2
So I take it Ash isn't posting anymore? as well
5 years ago#3
Good of you to post it anyway. Now at least when people post to say the leaderboards were "hacked", I can tell them how wrong they are.
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5 years ago#4
I was accused on another board of that 00.0.643 time for Black Gold an it was annoying me something rotten. I think an update has come along to stop any internet drops from giving a score now which is good, but im still not able to score black gold since then. as for straight races im not slow but due to the volume of players im 4 seconds off the fastest times and I come in between 500 and 900th places on average.

There are still some strange times which may be a hang over from the internet dropping people out with 35 second laps when its normally over a minute for everyone else.
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