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An idea I had that seemingly no one else has..

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3 years ago#1
For no particular reason at all, I am a fan of naval warfare. Why are there no naval clans or coast guard or anything like that? This game could have a LOT of potential for naval warfare..

Am I just about the only one that knows of the existence of boats in free roam aside from the Tug Boat?
3 years ago#2
We used to do this once in a blue moon, but it was never all that much fun. I'd list the reasons, but honestly, I'm lazy right now.
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3 years ago#3

there's not really any watercraft that would be appropriate for naval battles. if the Predator(police boat) still had the machine guns from the previous games and the Coastguard boat from San Andreas was in this game and the 50. Cal mounted gun on it worked then it would add a lot more possibilities. not to mention that in this game it's extremely hard to even stand on the boats while they're moving without falling off.

3 years ago#4
The cops shoot at you with assault rifles from boats. I think that's already intense enough for the average player.
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3 years ago#5
I seem to remember a neat YouTube vid of folks going all naval with RPG's tugboat v tugboat and with a bunch of other boats in there too, think it was from PC.

However, am I too lazy to post a link? Yes.
3 years ago#6

i think that was gussi111 or gtamissions, i forgot lol

3 years ago#7
I barely use any watercraft at all, but this could be interesting
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  3. An idea I had that seemingly no one else has..

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