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Playing through again... some stats questions...

#1SublimicNinjaPosted 3/27/2012 12:47:06 PM
Just finished San Andreas 100% again last week and am working on this again. Last time I picked this game up was Dec 2008. I beat it 100% back then and just nostalgia'd again for it.


Anyone who is left here, can you by chance do me a favor by checking your stats screen and looking at your "cutscenes watched" total, I'm going to try and figure out the "natural" amount for stats (since I can't seem to find a source for them anywhere else). The closest thing I've seen come to this would be the "crimeless challenge walkthrough", but I'm going to be trying for a "natural" amount of crime (a.k.a. what your stats should be after what the game expects from you).

This will prove rather difficult at times, and depending on how ambitious I feel, I can keep this updated. Just curious on the actual amount of activity this board still sees. Anyone still out there? o_O?
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#2tm315Posted 3/28/2012 8:19:58 PM
Doesn't look like it.
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