how much memory space do i need

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User Info: whytetrash_4

8 years ago#1
i have a core system. if i get the smaller memory card will i have enough memory to save this game. if so will i have some left over space for other games or do i need to get the bigger memory card.

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User Info: Renamon

8 years ago#2
The back of the box says 1MB.

But that's probably per save, and you can have 13 saved games, so 13 MB should be good, which would definately fit on a 256 MB card.

But seriously, get a damn hard drive.
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User Info: coalhalo

8 years ago#3
You are the first person I have heard say they bought the core aka poor 360. Save your money and buy a console with a harddrive, there is no excuse not to unless you only play "casual" games.
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  3. how much memory space do i need

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