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The closest "zombie" cheat possible in GTA IV

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7 years ago#1
- 100% Game completion

- No ammo limit
- Cheat codes are unlocked <<< vital to what my topic is about

1) You got 2 options:

- If you want more "zombies" use the "Increase Pedestrian Density" cheat by dialing, 733-555-4627.

- If you want less "zombies" use the "Decrease Pedestrian Density" cheat by dialing, 733-555-3327.

- If you like the current state, skip this step.

Which ever option you choose, it does not matter, it's just your preferences...

2) Next, input the "Peds Have Knives" cheat by dialing, 733-555-5643. They now have knives! Well some of them...

3) Finally input the "Ped Riot" cheat by dialing, 733-555-7468.

And thats the closest as it is, they may attack you though so be careful!

Or if you just want a civil war... dial 733-555-4867 for the "Peds Armed" cheat so all of them are equip with a random weapon. Add it with the riot cheat, and mayhem starts!

If you guys find more cheats post 'em here and GameFAQs
7 years ago#2
is this fo rizzile?
South Philly all day
7 years ago#3
Dis beda be fo rizzle.

GT: Optik4
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7 years ago#4
7 years ago#5
I want to believe. Do you have any sort of proof??

And if this is true, are you sure you need to complete it 100%? Thats a bit stupid.
Absence of proof does NOT equal proof of absence - Disclosure Project
Gamer Tag: Xandreas6485
7 years ago#6
Damn, now I wanna beat this game 100%.
Time to start looking for my Guide again!
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7 years ago#7
¸.•'´Ż)[Bone thugs-n-harmony 4 ever](Ż`'•.¸
ŻŻŻŻŻ{:-Creepin' On Ah Come Up-:}ŻŻŻŻŻ
7 years ago#8
u prove it fake u person who types fake in a post...thing
South Philly all day
7 years ago#9
How is this fake?
7 years ago#10
Making people get 100% in order to use cheats? Sounds like bull****, and unfair.

Yeah yeah, I know, "Bawwwww" "QQ moar", etc.

Still, if it's true, ***** move, Rockstar.

"When the mage cooks the food you could always just say 'These children are magically delicious!' - InamedAcatEpona
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