where are some spawn points for infernus

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8 years ago#1
so I cant find where brucie lived again and I was wondering if anyone knew where some spawn points are for the infernus? please give me what they are by (pay n spray, burger shot etc.) cuz I dont really know anything other then islands and markers on my map.
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8 years ago#2
They don't spawn. If you find a spawn point for them, I will high five you and give you $5.
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8 years ago#3
This is where Bernie's infernus should be:


If you already got it, I don't think it spawns there, or anywhere else that isn't random.
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8 years ago#4
The only time I've seen an infernus spawn is when I ask Brucie for a race.
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8 years ago#5
so its one of those cars that you only get one of? super happy (other word)
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8 years ago#6
Other than Bernie's gift, you can get it from Stevie.
8 years ago#7
There is a spawn on a carpark in the street that Faustin lives at. After you go under the arch and past the bowling alley, it's the first turn on your left. Randomly there will be a nice car by itself at the back of the car park. It's usually a Turismo but it can be an Infernus. A Turismo also 100% spawns on Faustin's driveway, it's always a Turismo and nothing else.
8 years ago#8
*Puts one hand up for high five and holds other out for $5*
8 years ago#9
*high fives* *hands IOU*

I still want pics...
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8 years ago#10
i have seen a infurnus driving along but it only happened once, i wasn't driving a infernus at the time
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