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User Info: MKHavoc

8 years ago#31
Thanks, but I doubt I'll get 100%.

User Info: ledbowmanII

8 years ago#32
do achievments not apply

User Info: ayame95

8 years ago#33
I'm really not into that QUB3D game...it just isn't fun. I can't be bothered to get the high score or whatever.
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User Info: calendron

8 years ago#34
If I fail a random mission can I still get %100? Or if I see one on the map but don't go to it?
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User Info: nij_12341

8 years ago#35
Nice job.
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User Info: Da Great Nivla

Da Great Nivla
8 years ago#36
I'll get as high of a percentage as I can, but I won't sacrifice my everday life to do it. I've never been much of a completest in games. I'd rather be happy.
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User Info: UnBentZ3RO

8 years ago#37

User Info: maga power

maga power
8 years ago#38
great checklist, this will be very helpful, thanks for putting that effort in :)
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User Info: Willzord

8 years ago#39
When I was doing a mission with Pathos, he died and I thought it was funny and carried on anyway. But now I've remembered and quite concerned that this will make it impossible to get 100%
Can anyone please confirm if it will or won't prevent me from getting 100% ?


User Info: money_fingerz

8 years ago#40
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