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Smart clothes + Smart shoes = I'm dumb

#1IjustplaythegamPosted 6/20/2008 4:18:18 AM
Errr , I know this is pretty silly of me to ask this . But what's smart clothes & smart shoes ? With out them I can't do Phil's mission . Where can I buy them ? or at lease , what are they looks like ?
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#2RaVeNrUlZPosted 6/20/2008 4:20:03 AM
They....Look...Smart. _
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#3GrandmastaGPosted 6/20/2008 4:24:54 AM
A suit with a tie, and loafers.
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#4Ijustplaythegam(Topic Creator)Posted 6/20/2008 4:44:39 AM
I already wearing a suit with re tie , my shoes also from that shop ( black ) .......
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#5agentspoonPosted 6/20/2008 4:46:27 AM
Get the Hitman Suit with black loafers

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#6naughtynuggetzPosted 6/20/2008 5:20:52 AM
A suit and tie, with a pair of dress shoes, all of which are purchased at Persius.
#7WSHSBMOCPosted 6/20/2008 5:34:10 AM
Check Pegasus for the suit and nice dress shoes.
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#8perfect789Posted 6/20/2008 5:36:14 AM
Clothes from Perseus, they are called "suit" in the store, so they're easy to recognise.
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#9I_am_MythPosted 6/20/2008 8:09:53 AM
Check Pegasus for the suit and nice dress shoes.
Pegasus? lol
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#10pugh_41Posted 6/20/2008 8:12:47 AM
Actually the shop is called "Ma Pegorino's house of pain"

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