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Where should GTA 5 take place

#1overkill2000Posted 8/7/2010 8:51:29 PM
I think they should place the series in a Canadian city. It would work so well all the Canadian stereotypes would be shown through the pedestrians and one of your contacts could be a French-Canadan rioter
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#2_Gear_Posted 8/8/2010 11:10:20 AM
Uh... no.

Canadian stereotypes are funny but few exist in comparison to the number of American stereotypes, besides that's what R* does best. Satires of stereotypes and societal commentary, namely American satire.
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#3FinnergentPosted 8/8/2010 4:51:05 PM
i dont know, i mean rockstar hasnt made a gta game that takes place outside of america since gta london
#4overkill2000(Topic Creator)Posted 8/8/2010 7:33:46 PM
I'd still like to see them take it outside America
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#5ZeroCool000111Posted 8/8/2010 7:59:13 PM
how about New Jersey? a GTA take on Atlantic City.
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#6Neon_BlasterPosted 8/9/2010 3:17:09 AM

Vice City fits the GTA canon, but I really want to explore San Andreas again next-gen. It would have to retain it's craziness though.

#7logan48227Posted 8/9/2010 6:25:43 AM
I could see a GTA in New Orleans. A city that's gone through some sort of natural disaster and is struggling to rebuild.

Your character could be a criminal trying to rebuild his life after a loss due to the disaster (death of a spouse or even a child), but gets caught up in the crooked dealings around the city. Shady real estate agents trying to buy up the land dirt cheap, crooked politicians trying to hide the fact that they embezzelled the money that was supposed to go to the levees, & low-level mob guys from Liberty City trying to make a name for themselves in a new city could all be involved.
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#8overkill2000(Topic Creator)Posted 8/9/2010 7:15:20 PM
bring it to Canada
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#9puffinslaughterPosted 8/9/2010 7:59:41 PM
If they set it in Canada, they better make the main protagonist Colin Mochrie.
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#10HT89488Posted 8/10/2010 5:40:39 PM

What about IRAQ. That would change the game quite a bit. Military personal. Doesn't have to be a American, he could be Muslim. LOL. Yea, I could see that going over really well. It would raise a lot of attention and start a new crowd of anti-grand theft auto. It doesn't need to be offensive, just perhaps the life of a Muslim and his mix of American friend soldiers wanting to start there own way to make money and a living like in all the other GTA's.

Just a idea like everyone else, thats all.