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Spawn ZOMBIE!?

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5 years ago#1

I was reading a topic were this guy said he wants more spawn codes, and he listed all of the current codes.Well, near the end of the list, he wrote "Spawn Zombie".Is their really a code to spawn a zombie?If so, whats the code and how many can you spawn.

Also, will they attack you and other people.And will people scratched,bit,killed,ect. turn into zombies?Please Respond!When I get the game, the first thing I want to do is to start a zombie apacolypse and escape onto an island/building were they cant get you and watch the city hopelesslesly fight back(because i'll have fresh supply)

Also, do they spawn right next to you 5miles away 10miles away or what?Can they drive,swim,open doors,,jump fences,are they dressed like regular civilians,break glass widows,will gangs/cops/FBI/ect.shoot them.PLEASE ANSWER!!!(Are they alive(infected)zombies or undead zombies?)

5 years ago#2
The Zombie is a type of motorcycle.

Try RDR instead.
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5 years ago#3

Oh well.And I already got the undead nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, just wanted a modern version of it!

5 years ago#4

Oh, that was probably my post. Yeah, the Zombie's a pretty cool bike.

5 years ago#5
Zombie is definitely my favorite bike. Hell, listen to Dragula when you ride around on it on TLAD. You'll feel cool.
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5 years ago#6
Man, that would be sweet... having the city full of zombies. It'd be like "Grand Theft Auto" meets "Resident Evil" or something. I remember anxiously waiting for a game called "Dead Rush" by Activision, but they cancelled it!

"Dead Rush delivers an entirely new gaming experience, combining mission-based driving and fast-paced action in a free-roaming, fully interactive environment. As Jake Walker, you find yourself amidst the terror-filled city of Eastport ravaged by countless evil creatures, perpetual earthquakes and the living dead. Scavenge for vehicles and climb into the drivers seat in panic-filled driving as enemies cling to your car in hordes, ripping it apart as you swerve, break, scrape buildings and shoot to dislodge them. Or jump into the fray in on-foot gameplay, wielding a massive array of weaponry including guns, chainsaws, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails and more"

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