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How do you turn Police on?

#1konkorPosted 4/15/2012 8:34:56 AM
I just bought TBOGT with my friend, we have auto-aim on, police off, friendly fire on. We want to change this but when I set the preferences it never does anything.
#27MZ000Posted 4/16/2012 9:28:31 PM
Give your 360 a shake then delete your game save
#3Minion3Posted 4/18/2012 1:24:55 AM
Usually a seductive looking doughnut will do it.
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#4stapler87Posted 4/18/2012 5:50:18 AM
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#5ElectricCurrentPosted 4/21/2012 12:28:32 AM
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#6Henry_HomerunPosted 4/24/2012 12:16:16 PM
Forget about turning them on.
You can make a cop come just by dialing 911
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