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How hard is it to find/get ammo in this game?

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3 years ago#1
I just came off of Just Cause 2 and that game is incredibly stingy when it comes to finding and buying ammo for your favorite guns. Seriously who was the guy in charge of ammo and black market prices in the game? I mean for a freakin' basic pistol it costs $20,000 but for just $10,000 more you can buy the fastest jet in the game or how about that nice shotgun you just found, want more ammo? Cough up $45,000 and its all yours...seriously WTF!? I'm almost ready to sell this game just because of this asinine development choice.

Anyway how does this game handle finding & buying ammo?

*Bonus question* How aggressive is the enemy AI in terms of being alerted to your presence for just messing around causing random havoc or whatever? Because again when it comes to Just Cause 2, you can be in the middle of nowhere pissing in the wind and you're guaranteed to have 100 choppers on your ass like stink on ****. <_<
3 years ago#2
Been awhile since I've played JC2 but I think you can stock up much more ammo in this game which helps. Once you get a friends status to a certain level you can call him and get ammo for cheap as hell. There are also places to buy it from without having to level anyone's friendship, at a little higher cost.. a certain ways through the story and money will be of no concern really, and of course there will be the opportunity to pick some up off enemies..

Sometimes the cops are alerted when it seems like they shouldn't be.. they attribute that to people having cell phones and calling you in. The helicopters aren't called on you until you get 3 stars, which you get after you shoot a cop... The helis aren't nearly as bad in this game, they don't have the machine gun choppers, just 2 guys riding in it sporting assault rifles... You can rocket the helis pretty easily, shoot the guys riding in them with the rifles or shoot the pilot sending it spinning to the ground.

aka - Nah Tso Gud
3 years ago#3
I don't think I ever bought weapons in the main game and I always had a surplus of guns and ammo that I just got by progressing in the story.
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