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The colour on the quest givers letter? (Archived)JascoD52/21/2013
Active enough for Online Achievements? (Archived)panicattack135772/21/2013
That clan group that plays Cops and Robbers 24/7 (Archived)CrimsonCorp82/21/2013
Club Business anyone? (Archived)Danny13oy62/19/2013
My wanted level went from 1 to 6 for no reason. (Archived)HeroFromKrypton32/18/2013
Do I get to keep friends' special abilities even when their "like" decreases? (Archived)Mackorov72/17/2013
Anyone either want to list or have a link to the list (Archived)95_Eclipse32/10/2013
Looking for help from someone who is very familiar with the map (Archived)G-Ziss32/9/2013
Anyone else think this game sucks compared to San Andreas? (Archived)
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Friend/Girlfriend Favorites (Archived)TeeTheWicked12/6/2013
I want to know where this music comes from help! I think it's from the trailer. (Archived)IAMGIYGAS82/4/2013
am i the only one that didnt know.... (Archived)SanAndreas_Gurl62/4/2013
so i just tried my very 1st multiplayer match (Archived)HELLWOLF0642/4/2013
Spawn cheats? (Archived)evilcon666_200022/1/2013
Ban the effing modders! (Archived)AncientAstro81/29/2013
HOLY CRAP This game is soo damn quiet inside of a 360 Slim (Archived)HELLWOLF0621/23/2013
97.83% grrrrrrrr (Archived)JediYodaBush41/13/2013
Game of the Generation (2008) - Super Smash Bros Brawl? (Archived)PepeSilvia90611/13/2013
Is there any way to restore a previous save file? (Archived)Yoshipizza521/12/2013
I've never really played a GTA game before but damn this game is awesome (Archived)firebotslash41/12/2013