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Picked this up for $10 (Archived)Punda_Prime26/20 2:34PM
How does the game look on the 3DS? (Archived)Pheleos22/1 3:10PM
(No Spoilers Please): In one word (Yes/No): Is there ANYTHING supernatural? (Archived)Subscriber010148/30 11:13PM
Wait a minute. *spoilers* (Archived)DevsBro38/14 12:04PM
Kyle Hyde can see right through everyone's lies. (Archived)DevsBro17/21/2014
Some of the puzzles in this game are dumb. *spoilers* (Archived)DevsBro17/20/2014
Can this game be finished on a 2DS? (Archived)Phalanae17/1/2014
New information about a third game! Bradley is still alive! (Archived)Gacherz15/30/2014
what a gem... (Archived)bybyr24/9/2014
saw a used copy for $10, worth it? (Archived)bybyr32/12/2014
Actors and Voice Actors (Archived)Gacherz42/1/2014
Forgot to get the coins in Chapter Four (Archived)AdmiralZephyr21/17/2014
what a gem, what a game, what an amazing experience (spoilers) (Archived)completeboy11/9/2014
Something small and nitpicky, but... (Archived)
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Touch Generations ??? (Archived)Thorngren212/11/2013
So glad I picked this up, unforgettable (Archived)bliptych27/15/2013
Signs on doors (Archived)chibischala16/12/2013
Does Anyone Associate Hotel Dusk/Last Window with the band "The National"? (Archived)flipwits16/3/2013
I really hope someone revives this series some day (Archived)EnragedSlith42/22/2013
I understand there was/is a sequel to HD:R215? (Archived)McGuirex331/27/2013
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