Some general FAQs

#1metroid02Posted 10/7/2010 5:20:39 AM
Realising that this board is essentially dead I wanted to create a topic that answers some of the questions which seem to pop up frequently:

-Will this game run on Windows 7?

Yes. It will run very well under windows 7. And although the cover says that this game only works on Vista there is a way to make it run on XP. But i suggest you google that for yourself (or just upgrade your system, we are in 2010 after all).

-Are there any online fees?

No, the PC version has luckily been freed from such annoying things. The game used to require an XBOX Live Gold account to play online with XBOX players. This is no longer needed. I frequently play with xbox players and dont have a gold account.

-Is it worth getting?

For the prices its availible now its not even a question worth asking. If 10 bucks is much money to you (at least for video games) then you should probably not be buying games. I myself got this game for 5 euro. Though I first bought this game for the 360 for 50 euro. I didnt regret either of those purchases. The game is fantastic. Dont expect a slew of content, there is not much stuff here. But what you can expect is amazing quality.

-What are the difference between the versions? or, should i get this for 360 or PC?

In the end its up to you. The real difference between the PC and 360 version is that the PC has dedicated servers (though I have never seen one up and running) and to compensate for the fact that PC gamers can play faster they implemented a handicap so that the faster you move your mouse you are less accurate. Also PC gamers dont need to pay a fee to play online. Thats about it so the rest is up to you.

-Is this game still active?

Yes. While there isnt a great variety of players you can play with you will just about always find a game to join. But be prepared to die a lot at first. The people that play now have been playing for a LONG time, meaning they know just about every little corner of every map. This makes it slightly difficult for newcomers. But dont worry, if you tell people you are new they will give you good tips to help you start off.
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#2Red OrcPosted 10/13/2010 1:54:23 PM
Can I use a 360 controller to play, instead of mouse and keyboard?
#3metroid02(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2010 1:50:37 AM
Yes you can.
"Crysis missed the mark visually. I mean come on, there is an island full of Koreans, but NONE of them are playing Starcraft???" -themerchant8