Ice box code in hospital? what is it?

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9 years ago#1
What are the numbers? anyone know?
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9 years ago#2

The code is... 312319. I suggest you stay alert after entering it.
9 years ago#3
o geeze thanks for the warning. and the code...btw howd u figure it out?
Lonley?!? Visit!!!
9 years ago#4
You see the names scattered through the Hospital? Amy31, Lucy23, and Sarah19. The note says two things of importance. "Three beauties" and "age before beauty".

It's just a matter of putting it all together.
9 years ago#5
lol i have played the game so many times and i cant seem to forget about it =x
8 years ago#6
I wonder I never found out what age before beauty ment, what did it ment? Oh yea watch out after puting the code you might be suprised what awaits you right outside to give you a hug......
8 years ago#7
The names are the beauties and the numbers are the age. If you put the ages in order from highest to lowest, you get the code. The names themselves are irrelevant,, though...
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8 years ago#8
although,...if you put the names in alphabetical order it still would make sense...i guess there are just many ways to solve a puzzle
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  3. Ice box code in hospital? what is it?

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