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A Fair Review (and quite funny as well) (Archived)60Hz19/13 12:02PM
After nearly five years I finally popped this game in again. (A review of sorts) (Archived)dementedlullaby44/6/2014
Just got the game (Archived)PurpIeMonkey17/25/2012
Do not post on this board unless you comment on Tyris' ass (Archived)
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How exactly do I do the Lynth Run loot Gnome cheat? (Archived)SharkOmega14/20/2011
Little things I like about this game (Archived)waelan254/4/2011
this board is deaaadd (Archived)Deano1011/23/2010
Might have found a better gnome trick (Archived)Viper187666110/6/2010
I need help on Grave of the Turtle Titan - Undead Transformations (Archived)BBoy404039/26/2010
So what would you want in the next Golden Axe game? (Archived)PurestProdigy28/15/2010
Frustrating watching a video of this from E3 2008 (Archived)steveguttenberg17/29/2010
Thie is NOT a bad game like everyone says.......... (Archived)symach35/10/2010
first shadowrun, then bionic commando, now this... (Archived)krazyninjaman384/23/2010
I like the game, but... (Archived)Loudawg34/18/2010
Any noticable difference between 360 and PS3? (Archived)ClaTheNinja42/19/2010
I think I am lost (Archived)zeegler1221/30/2010
Golden Axe 2... (Archived)SmplySablicious31/17/2010
Total Rubbish (Archived)DEMONCENOB1TE212/19/2009
I really really want to like this game. (Archived)thepilk211/13/2009
Any news on Golden Axe 2 ? (Archived)SilentDeath7771011/1/2009
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