Fear the Repo funny story.

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User Info: jedikendor

4 years ago#1
Ok. Im on my way to steal the delivery van when i notuce a cop care violently following me. At first i couldnt figure out what was going on till i stopped, and who should jump out of the cop car, but the guy who owned the first car i stole. I had origenally used a cruiser to get the first car, and naturally left it there. So the guy jumped into the cruiser, and literally chased me. Lol. I had no idea the game could process that. Anyways, i coukdnt let him stop me so i gave him a shotgun enema and got into the cop car he so kindly returned to me and got the van. Life is good.
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User Info: lalelulelosop

4 years ago#2
im pretty sure that happens sometimes some cars act more agressive towards me i never knew why unless their cholo cars or one of those shark vans, i also found out that if there is a passenger he usually stays in the car lmfao.
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