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issue with brad silver [spoiler] (Archived)wndg23/18 8:41PM
Game keeps freezing on the Prologue and I can't even play... reinstalled no use (Archived)klausbaudelaire32/9 11:32PM
View endings again? (Archived)longwaytogo112/29 3:59PM
Need some clarification (major spoilers) (Archived)Daimeion111/18 2:24AM
New found respect for Heavy Rain upon second viewing (Archived)j_ugnick111/6 3:02AM
Love this game. (Archived)Game__On410/14 4:55AM
I STILL know who the killer is *no spoilers from me* (Archived)Omari1339/26 5:31PM
Just finish the game with a question so far...(SPOILERS) (Archived)Daimeion59/25 4:59AM
Plot hole? (spoilers, obviously) (Archived)slumpcat29/9 4:37AM
I just finished this game. Well, that ending was surprising. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
DapperEntity249/1 9:38AM
This game VS The Walking Dead (Season One), which is better? (No spoilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Subscriber0101148/5 1:06AM
The lizard trial. (Archived)Lekshubruh147/20 8:50AM
UK version? (Archived)justaseabass17/12 9:14PM
Sign if You Have Achieved Platinum in this Game (W_R) (Archived)W_R67/9 7:16PM
So finally got around to trying this game... (Archived)TrueFinale57/7 1:16PM
My Issue with the Endings (SPOILERS* (Archived)fhqwhgads792627/7 1:16PM
Thank you Shotgunnova! (Archived)drclaeys47/7 1:11PM
Dualshock sixaxis - how to brush teeth? (: (Archived)Jesterson36/30 8:54AM
I googled 'heavy chocolate rain' and wasn't disappointed. (Archived)BodeciaBust46/29 2:55AM
It seems today is Norman's day. (Archived)GreenHeroofTime56/18 12:47PM
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