Lauren did i mess up with her? spoiler

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this is in the car when we are about to drown. i called her name a couple of times before i broke free but after i broke free all i did was save myself, was i able to save her if i tried harder. i felt really bad after that when i realized i didnt even try to save her? and another thing i beat the game with 4 characters alive and i didnt get the trophy. i had (spelling is off i know)jayden, ethian, madison, and shawn alive. but the only thing i can think of is that shawn doesnt count maybe?

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Maybe you can. Maybe you should have tried a little harder.

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you need Scott alive for the climax. Also you have to help lauren out, not slap her.

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i saved her...and also got the FOUR trophy your talkin about.........the trophy system is a joke. tho...
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I saved Lauren along with the people you mentioned and still didn't get the trophy. Though you need Lauren for one of the endings...
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Did you ever think about maybe untying Lauren's hands?

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I don't get how she didn't wake up after that torrent of water rushed into her face. Whatever, I didn't like her at all
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You need Shelby alive to get the trophy. Think about it. Keep all 4 characters alive. You control 4.

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you need all playable characters in the last scene..apparently.its not enough for them to be alive