So I never saw Madison get naked...**Spoilers**

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6 years ago#1
Just finished it last night on my first play through. I ended up taking the drink from the mad doc, next minute I'm tied up on a bed and he tries to do me over with a power drill! Classic! Anyway I lost that fight and DIED!

I'm going to run through it again today and NOT accept the drink and see what happens.

Am I right in thinking I can just start that scene from the chapter select, do things differently, and then carry on playing it to the end? I can't do something different in one scene and then jump to another?

Great game! Only took me two night sessions to finish but enjoyed every minute. I love the moral dilemmas it puts you in!
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6 years ago#2
you end up in the fight scene anyway unless you sneak out, just fyi
6 years ago#3
the best part is where you go the full strip for paco and as u are dancing with ur ass all over the place and paco is facing in as u are about to grab the lamp but dont it has shots all over so u can have a good fap like i did
6 years ago#4
The first Madison chapter has a shower scene. How did you miss that?
6 years ago#5
Shower scene
Paco at Blue Lagoon when he wants you to strip
Sex scene

I think that's it? But it's also 3 times more than she needed to be naked. But her being a girl they just had to make sure she got her "I'm almost gonna get raped by creepy dude!" and "I'm gonna strip lol!" scenes.
6 years ago#6
You mean the first chapter in the apartment where she is attacked has a shower scene!? Not sure how I missed that tbh. Before I knew it I was being attacked and then she woke up.

Just shows you do need multiple play throughs I guess!
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6 years ago#7
I'm assuming you also picked not to kiss on the hot and steamy scene, if you will.
And hit Paco with the lamp after unbuttoning your shirt.
6 years ago#8
Can you get her fully naked in the strip scene? i did hit Paco when she was in bra and panties.
6 years ago#9
This topic makes me sad.
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6 years ago#10
Most you can do is down to juts panties. Only reason I actually did it is cuz my friend said he only undid her shirt lol. So of course I had to be "THAT guy"
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