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6 years ago#1

What are some interactive story games, heavily based around the story and have quirky gameplay gimics? C'mon all these games have quirky gameplay mechanics but usually they work and it helps to get the user (player) more involved in the game.

games I've already played that are similar

2 Of the Warped Games:
Enemy Zero)
Shenmue 1
Shenmue 2

any other games out there?

6 years ago#2
Indigo Prophecy is the one I remember playimg. Myst is another. Those were the main ones.
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6 years ago#3
thats it?
6 years ago#4
There's Still Life on the Xbox and PC. :)
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6 years ago#5
There's The Journey, I think, for PC. And Indigo Prophecy == Fahrenheit for those who aren't aware. IP is the NTSC release and Fahrenheit is the PAL release which has no edits to its content.
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6 years ago#6
yes I am aware as I listed Fahrenheit in my list of games that are similar.

anything else?

6 years ago#7
Monkey Island Series
Sam & Max Series
Still Life
Gabriel Knight
Myst Series
Full Throttle
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