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User Info: Faytmybutt

3 years ago#1
The PC version is having a sale, every DLC and the original game for 6 bucks.

How much are the DLC seperate on PS3? Would it be cheaper to buy it on PS3 instead for the original game I already own ... or buy the original game + DLC for 6 bucks on the PC?

User Info: Pootbird

3 years ago#2
Either way, the DLCs are well made and very worth it.
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User Info: kkrauss

3 years ago#3
Is the dlc really worth it? There are 3 missions you can DL each 10 dollars plus character packs(these probably aren't really necessary). 10 bucks for a mission when you can pick up the game for that price or less just seems a bit much.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
3 years ago#4
you can usually find the Ultimate Sith Edition cheaper than all the "dlc" combined.
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